How to Play Cricket?, Rules and Regulations Of Cricket


Now we Talk About How to Play Cricket, Rules Of Cricket This game is played all over the world in the streets and mohallas and in cities and

Today we are going to tell you about how to Play Cricket and the rules of cricket. A cricket game is a famous public game of people. This game is played all over the world in the streets and mohallas and in cities and villages. Cricket started in England. It is a game played in more than 200 countries. The highest level of cricket is Test cricket. Now its level has been changed slightly to be ODI and T20. Cricket is also the main national team.

Which has international teams from countries like India, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan and Australia. Which plays against each other internationally. And Cricket also hosts the Cricket World Cup. Which is done once in 4 years. In this World Cup, all international teams play matches against each other.

Cricket is also played by children in the street neighborhoods and elders. Cricket also requires some material such as played by the bet, bol, and stamps. There are two teams in this game. One team has 11 players and the other team also has 11 players. This game is played on open ground or field. Now let us show you how cricket is played. Some rules and Rules Of Cricket are going to be told about it. If you went to play a Cricket for Rules Of Cricket so better to play cricket.

What is Cricket? and How to Play Cricket?:

You all will know about cricket and How to Play Cricket and Rules Of Cricket. If you do not know about it, then there is no need to panic, we will tell you what cricket is and how it is played. If you live in India, then you must know about cricket.

Cricket is a game. Which requires 11–11 players to play. Basically it plays like this, one person holds a wooden bet in his hand and the other person throws a round ball and the wooden person has to throw the ball away. Cricket and tries its best to master the game.

How to Play Cricket:

  1. Cricket is an outdoor sport played on the ground.
  2. Two teams are required to play cricket. These teams have 11 players. A team consists of 11 players. In those 11 player teams, one player is the head of that team. Who advises players who play cricket in their team.
  3. In cricket, apart from teams, there are also umpires. Who makes the players follow the rules of cricket. These umpires are used to decide between the teams. Cricket consists of three Empires. The First Empire, the Second Empire, and the Third Umpire are the First Empire and the Second Empire remains in the cricket ground. And the third Empire is the weight of the cricket ground. Which makes its decision accessible to the players through the screen.
  4. To play cricket a bat requires materials such as hair and a template. By which cricket is played.
  5. Cricket is played between two teams. And there is a flashlight between these two teams. The team that wins the toss. He has to make this decision. The team that bets after deciding whether to bat first or fielding first. And the other team bowling and fielding. The batting team makes its goal. And after making the goal, the other team has to achieve that goal. The team that follows this rule. Victory is declared.
  6. In cricket, the team that follows these rules is also winning. After winning that team, their players have an important role in winning that team. Those players receive the man of the match trophy.

Types of Cricket:

We are talking about How to Play Cricket. Cricket is a sport played in cities and neighborhoods all over the world. Cricket is played in many ways at the international and national levels. Number one Test cricket number two ODI cricket number three T20 cricket. This is a different type of cricket. Are played in different ways. We will give you information about all these types of cricket types.

Test Cricket:

There are three types of national and international level in cricket. The first type is test cricket. It is considered to be the highest level of cricket. In Test cricket there are 2 teams. These two teams play four innings together. There is a toss between these two teams. The team that won the toss.

The captain has to make that decision. Whether he batting first or bowling first or after deciding which team bat first. The other team fielding. The goal of the fielding team is to get that team out. In Test cricket, both teams have to play two innings. In Test cricket, there is a 5-day game as per rules.

Within 5 days, both teams have to play two innings, within these 5 days both teams have to complete the game which the team fulfills their conditions according to the rules of cricket. The same team is declared Victory. If both teams do not make a decision within 5 days. Both teams are drawn to match with equal points.

ODI Cricket:

We are talking about the type of cricket, the first high level game of this is Test cricket. This is followed by ODI cricket which is the second higher game. There are 2 teams in ODI cricket. It is the decision of both the teams that one day I will win which team will be the runner-up. In ODI cricket 2 innings are played, in which the team batting first sets its target by playing 50 overs.

The bowling team attempts to dismiss that team. The batting team makes the target after the other team chases that goal. If that team achieves that goal. So the team achieving the target is declared Victory. If that team does not cross that goal. So the team batting first is declared the winner. In ODI cricket, both teams have to bowl 50 50 overs for their own side.

T2o Cricket:

Now let’s talk about How to Play Cricket, Rules Of Cricket that this One formate of cricket is T20 Cricket. it is the smallest level of cricket. T20 cricket consists of 2 teams, each team has to play 20 overs. The team sets its target in 20 overs. Unlike him, the other team tries to dismiss that team. And then after the goal is set,

the bowling team tries to achieve that goal by batting. If it achieves that goal. So that team is declared victory. T20 cricket being the shortest format, batsmen score runs in it. Due to which the audience gets to see more and more sixes.

Rules Of Cricket:

Now we are telling you about the How to Play Cricket and the Rules Of Cricket. How the game is played in cricket. And how their Rules Of Cricket are followed. We are providing all this information below.


This is the First Rules Of Cricket that is overs in cricket. There are six balls in an over and there are 300 balls in 50 overs.

Scores Rules Of Cricket:

In cricket, runs are scored in 3 ways. To score runs reads the player to run. If that player completes a run on a pitch of 22 yards, then 1 run is considered and in a second way, if the best man delivers the ball across the boundary with the bat,

then his 4 runs are considered. 6 runs are considered if he delivers the ball across the boundary with the help of a batsman bat. Thus, there are 3 ways in which runs can be scored. If the bowlers bow their ball wide or no. Even then the score of 1 run is increased in the team playing.

No Boll:

If in cricket, the bowler cuts the line on the pitch while throwing his ball. So that ball is considered no ball. No is the best man to throw the ball to get a free hit.

Wide Ball:

In cricket, if the ball is thrown out of reach of the best man, that ball is considered wide. Due to the wide ball bowled by the bowlers, the team batting gets 1 run extra.

Leg Bye:

According to the rules of cricket, if the ball does not hit the batsmen’s bat, it goes away by hitting the batsman. At that time, the batsman gets a chance to run. This is called leg by a run.

Run Out:

In cricket, the batsman cuts the ball and runs on the pitch and tries to score. Filder then catches the ball and kicks it on the stamp. So the batsman runs out.


When bowlers throw a ball in cricket. Batsman batting. The batsman then could not hit the bowlers’ ball. She goes to the ball wicket. So that batsman becomes bold. Because of which the best man has to go back to the pavilion. And the bowlers get wickets.

Hit Wicket:

When the batsman tries to touch the ball while batting. The bat then falls back to the wicket. Due to which the stumps fall down. Due to which the Best Man gets hit Wicket due to his mistake.


When batsman hits the ball in the air while playing. Then the builder on the ground catches the ball without eating it. So it’s called catch out.


Stump Out:

When the batsman bats. He then tries to touch the ball. But the ball goes back to the wicketkeeper without touching it. And Best Man comes out of his line. The wicketkeeper then catches the ball and uproots the stump. Then he gets the best man stumped out.

LBW Out:

When batsman bats. batsman then fails to play the ball thrown by the bowlers. And that ball goes to the leg of the best man. And it seems that if this ball does not hit the leg then it could have gone on the stamp. The batsman is then lbw out.

Time Out:

When the batsman gets an injury while playing. And because of that, he has to go out. And in his place another batsman comes to play. He arrives late on the pitch. That time is timed out. And while playing the game, time is taken out for some time to stop and drink.

Power Play:

When there is a 50-over match in cricket. So two power plays are taken in that match. The first power play is taken between one and 10 overs. And the second power play is taken between 10 and 15 overs. In these power play, fielders stay deep inside a circle. And only a few players can stand outside the circle near the boundary.

Free Hit:

In cricket, a free hit is given to the batsman on a no ball by the bowler. Best man kicks his bat with a ball in a free hit. If the ball is caught after hitting. Or gets on the wicket. So the batsman is not considered out. But the ball touches the bat and goes to the fielder. And batsman runs for a run and kicks the ball builder at the stamps before he can finish the run. So Best Man runs out.

Basic Rules of Cricket:

Basic Rules of Cricket Like that How to Play Cricket, Rules Of Cricket

  • The bowler can only bowl 10 overs in 50 overs of cricket. And in a 20-over match, Bowler throws only 4 overs.
  • In the power play, 5 fielders can only stand within 30 yards of the enclosure.
  • If a batsman or bowler violates the decision of the Empire. Then the player can be fined or banned for the match
  • If a player mispronounces another player or someone abuses, then he is banned or fined.
  • If a player gets injured due to any reason, then another player is given a chance to play in his place.

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My Opinion–

Today we have given you information about the How to Play Cricket and rules of cricket. In this, we gave you information about the smallest and biggest Rules Of Cricket. We told you how cricket is played.

How to follow the rules of cricket. Cricket is a game played in the country and abroad and in villages and cities. We have given you information about the How to Play Cricket and rules of cricket. You may have liked this information and we will keep bringing sports news for you in the coming times. so I am talking about your pay a cricket to follow Rules Of Cricket.

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