Nowadays standing desks are common in workplaces. People have started realizing that a standing desk does have benefits for their health and work. Do you know that when you sit for long hours, you are prone to have heart disease, diabetes, and of course weight gain? On the other hand, if you stand, be it for 10 minutes it can significantly impact your health and body. We often think that it is more difficult to stand and work but no, it’s not difficult to do if you have the correct desk and use the correct method! Yes, there are desks which are specially made for people to stand and work. These desks are known as adjustable standing desks. They are a better investment if compared with normal desks. Let’s see how?

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An adjustable standing desk is a piece of furniture that allows you to stand while working at your desk. You can also make your standing desk at home in a simple and inexpensive manner. All you need is a box or some books. Just place your computer display on top of a box or a stack of books and you are done! Isn’t this easy? It does not help you in being more productive but has a positive effect on your body. Weight loss, less back pain, increased mental health, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and longer life expectancy are some of the health benefits of standing desk


According to the American Journal of Public Health Study, on an average, a person sits for nine hours a day and has back issues. Let’s see the benefits of a standing desk:

  1. Back Pain

Do you know that Back discomfort affects 80 percent of adults and it’s one of the most common complaints among office employees who are sitting all day? The normal desk and chairs lack the necessary ergonomics to keep you comfortable for extended amounts of time. But if you use an adjustable standing desk it will help you stand up straight. Many standing desks are adjustable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs. In a survey in 2011, it was discovered that individuals who stood for 66 minutes of their workday had a 54 percent reduction in upper back and neck pain.

  1. Improves Health

When we talk about health it means overall health of the human body. For more than 60 years, researchers have been researching the benefits of standing! In a study of bus conductors conducted in 1953, it was discovered that those who stood all day had half the risk of heart disease-related fatalities as those who sat. Not only has this by standing you also tend to lose 50 calories per hour more as compared to sitting.

Further in a short study of ten office workers, standing for 185 minutes after lunch decreased blood sugar levels by 43% compared to sitting for the same amount of time. Thus, simply using a standing desk can minimize blood sugar rise and your risk of diabetes with no additional effort!

  1. Uplifts the mood and energy

So, when you stand and work your body is doing physical activity. This physical activity will make you feel more optimistic and motivated about your work when you stand for short periods. You may relieve discomfort, enhance your energy, and feel more awake after work by working on an adjustable standing desk. An increased risk of depression and anxiety can be there when you sit and work. Moreover, after some point in time, you also feel sleepy. As a result, it stands to reason that standing would boost one’s mood and contentment.

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  1. Productivity Increases

If we talk about the normal desk, people can’t work more than 3-4 hours by sitting and working on this desk because they feel tired and lazy. While if you start working on the standing desk it makes you much more alert and also has no detrimental effects on their everyday tasks.

The improved mood and energy, as well as the relief from back, shoulder, and neck pain, help in increasing productivity and mental sharpness. When the body as a whole is in better health, it functions more efficiently, and this increases productivity.


According to our view, an Adjustable standing desk is worth buying. A standing desk is for you if you spend most of your workday sitting and want to take preventative measures to keep your body healthy. A standing desk can also help you optimize your workspace if you enjoy standing but are currently working with a stack of books. Adjustable standing comes in many varieties like a bamboo desk, etc. After reading the article don’t you also think that an adjustable standing desk is a good investment?