How To Organize An Office Junk Removal 

Junk removals in itself are a task no one is looking forward to. For some reason, we love accumulating stuff and cling to old or unused clutter. The more we accumulate, though, the harder a removal will be. But it can also also be a blessing in disguise. It’s incredibly liberating to know all the clutter is gone. You’ve most likely already read tons of articles about effective removals but found only little for office junk removals. Well, your search has come to an end. Don’t forget to visit this page for an instant estimate.

Circle In a Date

Before you can consider starting with your operationl, you will need to plan ahead. Each removal requires a little bit of organization and planning. But since it’s an office junk removal, there’s a bit more planning necessary. 

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You wouldn’t want to disturb the workflow of your workers too much. It’d result in a loss of money. For office junk removals it’s best to plan at least four weeks ahead. Once you’ve decided on a date, inform your workers immediately. Fridays are probably the choice for it since the move or furniture upgrade could happen over the weekend. 

The following Monday your workers can return to their desk as if nothing happened  Your workers need to know their workday will be cut a little shorter on day “x” for the removal. They’ll certainly not mind having their weekend starting a few hours earlier. At the same time, you’ll need to schedule a collection with a junk removal service. Make sure your service also does office cleanouts. 

Determine What Needs To Go

Office removal may involve several item categories. The junk removal totally depends on what exactly has to go for which reason. Check the area of your office and make a list of items that are up for disposal. It’s a good idea to ask one of your workers to create an excel sheet. The excel sheet could contain all the items that generally need removal. Take a picture of each item and add it to the list and note its exact location. 

Just like with any other junk removal, you’ll have to declutter. For an office, it’d include sorting all your paperwork and files. If your files contain important content for certain products, you may wish to keep them. To reduce the amount of clutter you accumulate throughout the years, you could opt for storing files digitally. It’ll save you tons of space for additional file cabinets. 

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Decide on What Happens With Your Junk

Create the three following categories of your junk: keep, sell, junk. You’ll certainly not have a hard time deciding on what you’re going to keep in your office. 

Offer desks and chairs or even old IT equipment to your workers first. You could make a special deal with them to take their desk chair home at a massively reduced price. Do the same with all the other items that have to leave your office. Maybe some of your workers will be happy about a new desk for their home office. 

Your IT equipment might be outdated, but it’s probably still better than the computers your workers have. Tick off all the items your workers take at home from your list or excel sheet. Make sure to wipe all hard drives of your equipment before you sell it. There are networks that specialize in putting up office equipment for sale. Any other items that are still good to use, but which you couldn’t or wouldn’t sell are great for donation. 

Contact your local school or college if they require new desks. Cross off all items you managed to sell or to donate from your excel sheet.

Day X Has Arrived For The Junk Removal

All items that you didn’t sell or donate will be taken care of by the junk removal team. Did you know they take care of donations, too? A professional office junk removal service partners with charities. They try not to put too many of the items from junk removals to landfills. With the ecological conscience growing in each industry’s minds, they donate and recycle the majority of junk removal items. The aim is to dump as little junk at a landfill later on. 

Before the junk removal team arrives though, your workers will have to stop working a few hours earlier than usual. They need to clear their desks from all personal items. Maybe they were already able to declutter their workspace the day before. Determine an area where you can collect all IT equipment and phones. Split the pile up into keep and junk removal. The junk removal team will need a clear path to haul out all furniture you let go of. If your workers could put the desks that will be hauled out to a designated area, it’ll make the job easier. The sooner the junk removal team can get to the cubicles, the better. Then you’ll only have to allow the junk removal team some space. Let them do their work. Don’t try to interrupt them to let the work effectively.