Dine in Style with a New Kitchen Table Set

Your kitchen table set is a hub for several activities in the home. It can go from a makeshift crafting table to a workspace used to check and send emails in a matter of minutes. That puts plenty of wear and tear and a load of responsibility on this one piece of furniture. You want to be sure the piece you choose lasts for a long time and doesn’t give up on you and your household after a year or two.

A strong, well-built table at an affordable price can be a chore to find. You can spend a few days hopping from retail location to retail location only to find they all have the same selection at varying prices. And the prices don’t appear to be all that affordable. In fact, the markups contain the overhead expenses the retailers like to pass on to consumers. 

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But at 1StopBedrooms, you can buy kitchen table sets without the guilt or worry of overspending. The company deals directly with the manufacturer and does not have a bunch of third-party companies to pay in order to get the furniture to you. Instead, they offer free shipping on top of their low-cost, price-match guarantee.

If you find the same kitchen table on sale at another store for less, they will adjust your order price. But, it’s not likely that you will find lower prices with the same brand names offered at 1Stop. With discounts as deep as up to 75% off various sets, the prices are unbeatable. 

With financing available, you don’t have to pay the full amount during the checkout process. Sign up for a plan for twelve, twenty-four, or thirty-six months. Small monthly payments make furniture buying simple and affordable for everyone. It allows you to keep your cash-flow free in case of an emergency, so why not apply when it’s time to buy?

Visit the site and use the convenient filter to narrow down your results. Choose the style, color, tabletop style, shape, and material that fits your family best. If you’re unsure what all of the options mean, just reach out to one of the non-commissioned design specialists for help, and they will walk you through the process. They have expert knowledge, so why not use the service since it’s free and available to all shoppers. 

So, now that you know the best place to buy your new kitchen table set, what tabletop style do you want? Each one has features that offer a different benefit. Pedestal tables allow for more seating since there aren’t any legs on the corners. The corners are left free for a friend to pull up a chair during dinner time. Pedestal tables are also great statement pieces. The pedestal is typically decorated with intricate carvings and designs that are sure to be conversation starters.

Trestle tables give the people seated on the sides of the table ample legroom. You can also easily add a bench to this design to give the room character. Many benches are equipped with storage, so when it’s time to turn the area into an arts and crafts space, you’ll have the tools required on hand.  

Extended tables are another option for tabletops that serve a functional purpose. You can always add in the leaf and lengthen the table to accommodate more guests when you entertain. That feature is especially helpful during holiday dinners.

Table height is another important consideration. The standard dining height table is the most common and will offer the greatest variety of choices. Most people prefer the standard height as their feet can rest on the ground. It’s also perfect for small children who will have trouble climbing in and out of taller chairs. 

Counter height kitchen sets give the area a modern feel, and their increased popularity has led to dozens of more options being made available. Because those seated are basically at the same height as anyone standing, conversations are easy to have. No one feels as though they are being talked down to when everyone is eye-level. 

Pub height tables work great in smaller spaces like kitchens and offer a laid-back look. The leg rests make it easier to sit for long periods of time. 

When it comes to table length and height measurements will be your best friend. They will guide the choices you make for shape as well. Square tables are wonderful for smaller groups, as are round tables. Everyone is facing each other and able to participate in the conversation. They are ideal for seating four. 

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For groups of six or more, a wider round table or longer oval shape would be better. Rectangular tables are the most popular and offer the most options as far as color and material. They’re perfect for hosting large dinner parties. Just be sure to get one wide enough to place serving dishes and give your guests the elbow room they need to enjoy the meal.

So we’ve covered table height, style, and length; what about the material? A glass tabletop is an answer if you have an open design and want the set to blend with the flow. The glass is tempered, so there’s no worry that it will scratch or shatter. And the reflective top will brighten any room that receives an abundance of natural light. 

Solid wood tables are durable, and the natural look can be a welcome addition to any kitchen. They’re great for children to study and explore their creativity. Find a color that complements the cabinetry and brings out the room’s true beauty. Marble is another sturdy material that also adds a touch of class and elegance to the kitchen table set. 

So whether it’s modern, contemporary, or traditional, you end up purchasing, be sure it will function in the way you and your household need it to. Visit the site today and browse the many different options on sale and choose one just in time for the upcoming holiday season.