How to get a good rank in Class 12 Home Science

Class 12 Home Science is an intriguing and very practical subject that students will enjoy while learning. Although to most students, Home Science feels like an easy subject, you need to keep a few pointers in mind to ensure that you score good marks in this subject.  

If you survey the internet you will find a lot of strategies, study material, tips, videos and tricks for Class 12 subjects of Science and Commerce. Unfortunately, not a lot of guidance is available for Home Science on the internet. Hence we have crafted a checklist which if you follow diligently will provide the right guidance to ace the Class 12 Home Science exam.

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  • Be aware of the syllabus:

Class 12 exam will consist of a practical exam accounting to 30 marks along with a 70-mark written theory exam. The syllabus consists of 6 units carrying different weightage. The unit with the highest weightage in the exam is Nutrition, Food Science and Technology.  You must also focus on other important topics like adulterants, standardization marks, etc along with their diagrams. Go through a few past papers to see which topics oar oft-repeated and practice them well.

  • Focus on the NCERT books

You do not need to refer to too many books for Class 12 Home Science. There are two NCERT Books for Class 12 Home Science. You must be thorough with every inch of the NCERT textbooks to score perfect marks in Class 12 Home Science. 

  • Make notes:

Since you have two books to cover with a lot of theoretical information, it is incumbent that you make short notes on all the chapters. Highlight the key points of all the chapters and make a separate notebook for them. Make sure your notes are neat, organized, comprehensive, and well-researched. Do not make lengthy notes. Make notes that will help you in the revision process when you do not have time to go through lengthy coursebooks. 

  • Use good study aids:

It is a good habit to use a variety of study aids to help you remember the information that you have studied. Use the study aids that appeal to your learning style. Tables, diagrams on large chart papers, flow charts, mind maps, and flashcards are good study aids to name a few if you are a visual learner. If you are an auditory learner you can listen to some soothing music while learning or even listen to recorded lectures. If reading and writing styles of learning appeal to you, writing important information down and reading it multiple times you can learn more effectively. If you are a kinesthetic learner walking or doing some other type of movements can help you learn better. You can also perform the hands-on activities mentioned in the textbook to retain that particular information.

  • Watch videos

You will find several explanatory and conceptual videos on the topics taught in Class 12 Home Science. Watching these videos gives you an added understanding of the topics that you have just gone through and also helps you retain the information better.   When you learn the same information from multiple sources it is less likely that you will forget it later. This way you strengthen your conceptual understanding as well and ensure that you are not just cramming the textbook information.

  • Understand the practical applications

Home Science is a very practical subject that has several real-time applications. When you look around yourself carefully you will be able to relate a lot of NCERT textbook information to your surroundings. This is the way you should approach Home Science when studying. Whenever you are taught a chapter, think about what you already know about the topic and what you did not know up until now. For instance, when you are learning about fabrics and apparel, survey the fabrics you have at home and relate the information. This will give you the actual benefit of learning Home Science and consequently help you score good marks in the exam.

  • Teach what you learn

Another great way to retain the syllabus topics is that you teach whatever you study that day to others. Home science is an interesting subject and your friends and family will enjoy learning about it. If you can’t find someone to teach to, sit in front of the mirror and teach it to yourself. Imagine teaching the information to a 1st grader. This way you will simplify the complicated information to teach and in turn learn it efficiently yourself.

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  • Importance of past papers

For Class 12 exams of any subject, previous years’ question papers cannot be neglected. These are your next most important study tool after the NCERT books. Make sure you go through as many sample papers and past papers as you can to really have an understanding of how the Class 12 Home Science paper I usually composed and prepare accordingly.

  • Do not take it lightly

As many students feel that home science is an easier subject, they end up taking it lightly and not preparing enough. Start preparing from the beginning of the academic year itself so that you get a good amount of time to revise. Be steady like the turtle to win the race and not like the rabbit to lose out due to overconfidence. If you find this subject easy, still prepare to improve your overall Class 12 result by scoring good marks as Home Science can be a very scoring subject. 

  • Revision 

Do not waste precious revision time. Revise each of the topics well in this time by using your notes and other study aids that you have prepared throughout the year. Practice diagrams well and go through a ton of question papers during this time to get in the mental zone for exams.

  • Prepare well for the practicals

You must not neglect the practicals either as they carry a total of 30 marks. You can easily bag these 30 marks if you perform well in your practicals. 

  • Attempt all questions in the exam

Even if you find a question difficult during the exam, write something about the topic that you know. Attempt all the questions in the exam no matter what as there is no negative marking. Keep your answer sheet neat and well organized. Draw relevant diagrams even if not asked in the question. 

You can drastically improve your overall Class 12 result if you give Home Science due importance and your preparation is on point. So follow the tips mentioned here and avail full benefit from them so that your marks in Class 12 Home Science are remarkable.