Get Organic Followers on Instagram: 8 tried-and-true tips to grow your audience

While social media has become so ingrained in our lives, it has become a new career option for many. People are establishing their businesses, becoming influencers and showcasing their talents on these platforms. But all of these depend on: more and more followers. 

While some people save time by investing a small amount to Buy Followers and buy Instagram Likes, others have patience to wait for a few years to build their following organically.

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Here are some tried and trusted tips to grow your audience on Instagram:

  • First Impression: Bio

Just like your introduction in an interview, your Instagram bio should have all the information one would like to know with no unnecessary additional inputs. Mention what your brand is about (in case of a company) or who you are (in case of an individual), in a line or two. Provide with your contact and location details and a link for the follow up action and for your convenience to mention “Link in Bio”. Keep the bio short, informative and minimalistic.

  • Aesthetic Layout

Your feed is the ultimate reflection of your brand. Let the viewer admire the beauty of your Feed wall before even clicking on any of the posts. Brands these days tend to follow a particular layout, colour scheme or an order of posts. It may be hard to follow and keeping up with quality content along with the same layout may sound challenging but ultimately worth giving an effort.

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  • Instagram Ads

Believe it or not, Instagram ads have the power to make a random user on the other side of the world, visit your page, scroll through half of it and end up following you, albeit your content is worth his/her interest and time. Put out the best of your posts for the ads as the hook has to be attractive and witness the boost of visits on your page. Spending on Ads is more of an investment if you believe in your content.

  • Connect with Similar Influencers/Brands

It is common for Instagram users to follow multiple popular people or brands of their interest. As an influencer, connect with other popular influencers of the same field, tag them, challenge them, comment on their posts, and basically engage with them in a friendly manner. You promote them and in turn, they might promote you. This will increase your visibility to their wide follower base, your direct target audience.

  • Stories

Being constant with stories is an underrated practice but it actually distinguishes your page from the inactive or synonymous ones. Engaging and participative stories connect you with your followers at a greater level and the relative engagement is higher with stories as compared to posts. Try not to bombard them with a long streak of stories which make them skip the rest. A maximum of 10 stories is good enough for a day.

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  • Reel it, Feel it!

This tagline is very appropriately set for this latest feature of Instagram which has blown off this application in the recent months. Try to incorporate your content in the form of reels, and feel the difference in your reach, your engagement and your follower count. Following the right trends and creating relatable content is the key to make your reel a success.

  • Instagram Live

Instagram Live provides you a platform to present your true self in front of your audience and get to interact with them and vice versa you get to know about your followers and what are their preferences. This makes them create an image of yours and if impressed, promote you with the most powerful medium, i.e. Word of Mouth. Keep the Live session of either some utility or worthwhile, so that, by the end of it, your viewers might not feel their time wasted.

  • Quality matters

“To rule on Instagram, all you need is a Good Camera.” It might sound a bit exaggerated, but up to a certain limit, it is not completely false. Instagram is primarily a photo and video sharing platform, so it must be kept in mind that those pictures and videos must be eye-appealing. Be it a photo shoot of your products or your own self; do not hesitate to take professional help. 


Buying followers on Instagram is an easy and fast way. However, not everyone can afford to invest in it. So, you need followers who will engage with your content and give your page the boost it needs.