How to Clean the Projector?


In this guide we explain how to clean the projector, an operation that is always important to ensure a long life for the device.

Unfortunately, even the projectors get dirty in the long run and require periodic maintenance. This is a necessary step, because otherwise the device may not work properly and ruin your movie night with friends. It goes without saying that cleaning is also and above all fundamental for professional models, that is, for those usually used in conference rooms and companies.

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First, it is important to specify that the latest generation projectors do not get dirty easily, so you will not have to clean them every time you use them. On the other hand, after a couple of weeks you should always proceed in this direction, especially because of the dust. This, in fact, tends to accumulate rather quickly inside the filters, and you can notice it if the projector fan starts to make more noise than usual. Then the basic maintenance of your device, in addition to the aforementioned filters, should also take into account the objective.

How to Clean the Projector Lens?

Dust, dirt and fingerprints are the worst enemies of a projector lens, as they can greatly ruin the experience of watching movies and other multimedia content. Consequently, the first thing you need to do is to clean up this important part. You will have to do this with extreme delicacy, because lenses are by nature very delicate and prone to failure. In any case, there is no mention of a difficult operation. If dust is the problem, just buy a can of compressed air to blow it away.

The issue relating to stains and fingerprints, on the other hand, becomes more complex, as it requires direct intervention on the lenses. In these circumstances we recommend that you buy a cloth specially designed for cleaning these parts. Alternatively, you can use a generic but still soft cloth, preferably moistened with a cleaning product suitable for lenses and objectives. Before proceeding further, we want to remind you of the importance of choosing a delicate or specific cloth. Otherwise, using a rough cloth or one with an abrasive fabric will irreparably damage the lens of the best Projector under 20000 Rs, causing damage to the lens.

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How to Clean the Filters of a Projector?

If you hear the projector fan making a lot of noise, it means that the dust has managed to sneak into the filters of the device and that you will need to remove it as soon as possible. If you do not do this, the device may no longer be able to dissipate the heat produced and this will become a serious problem for its integrity. Even in this case, however, you can intervene without making too much effort. The first thing you need to do is disconnect the device cable from the power supply and then act on the filters, detaching them from the device and also removing the sponges. At this point you can take a small brush and try to remove the dust that is in the bays. Alternatively, if you have the aforementioned can of compressed air with you, you can use that to get a better result.

In any case, keep in mind that cleaning the filters is not always enough to ensure the perfect functioning of your projector. When these parts are too dirty, it is probably best to replace them with new filters, which you will still need to do every 300 hours or so of using the device. Old and dirty filters could in fact become clogged and prevent the floodlights from functioning correctly, and this is a rule that applies to both the side and front filters. Before continuing, we recommend that you read the instructions supplied with the device, as the removal of the filters may differ depending on the model.

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How to Clean a Projector Cover?

After cleaning the lenses and filters, don’t forget that you still need to clean the projector cover. In this case the operations are obviously simpler, but this does not mean that they deserve to be underestimated. On the contrary, the same rules mentioned above apply, and they are the following.

To clean the cover of your device, always use a very soft cloth, or one certified by the projector manufacturer. Generally, a dry wipe is enough to remove dust and small stains, therefore without using any detergent.

If the dirt persists and the stain does not go away, consider using a cleaner, but only a product with a neutral pH. To do this, just moisten the cloth with the appropriate product.

Before concluding, we suggest you try to moisten the cloth with plain water, as it may be enough to remove the stains.