Common Myths about Influencer Marketing That You Should Know

Businesses are already familiar with the potential of influencer marketing, and many of them are leveraging from it. Still, numerous businesses stay away from getting the real potential of influencer marketing. The biggest reason behind this is the presence of myths. So, below are common myths associated with influencer marketing.

You Can’t Calculate ROI: This is a big mistake that investors/businesses think about influencer marketing. Today, multiple tools are available that help you evaluate how your influencer marketing campaign worked and how much you made from it. Emilie Haney is a renowned influencer who is catering to business needs via various social platforms and has delivered calculative returns.

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SEO & Influencer Marketing are Two Parts of Branding: Undoubtedly, SEO is more about boosting the organic visibility of your business/website. On the other hand, Influencer Marketing is about increasing your sales or brand reputation management. However, if you deep dive into the technicalities, the traffic & links via influencer marketing are considered as strong signals that boost the organic rankings in SEO. There are multiple ways how influencer marketing pairs with SEO.

Influencer Marketing is Just an Advertisement: It was more like an advertisement during its initial days. Today, it has a high potential to drive significant leads to your doorstep. With the right strategy, you can get increased sales, traffic, new users from influencer marketing. Above all, the influencers can help you earn legit and trustworthy customers that can help you elevate your sales, engagement rate, and even the percentage of returning customers.

It is Only for Big Brands: The simplest answer to this myth is that influencer marketing is for everyone who believes in its potential and can take its best advantage for business growth. Today, small & startup businesses consider influencer marketing more than big brands. Across all social channels, you can find influencers promoting small brands that boost their digital presence and benefit them from various aspects (SEO, Engagement, Trust flow, Conversion Rate, etc.).

It’s All About Online Content: When you are working with an influencer to promote your product/business, they are not limited to a digital userbase for promotion. Instead, they use their physical connections & mouth-to-mouth marketing to promote your product quality, prices, pros, and cons. This takes influencer marketing far beyond online content creation.

Furthermore, the type of content completely differs on different social platforms. E.g., YouTube needs video content, Instagram needs graphical content, Blogs need plaintext, etc.

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Bigger Influencer Audience Means Better Influencer: This is never true to judge any influencer based on their website traffic, YouTube subs, or Facebook followers. In either case, different influencers are preset who differ based on their content quality, expertise on the niche, and the level of review they offer.

So, these are some prominent myths about influencer marketing. If you are looking forward to running an Influencer Marketing campaign for your business or specific product, you should check out these myths and make your strategy smartly. In the coming years, the challenges will increase, but you should primarily omit myths from altering your strategy.