How can children learn to do homework and study by themselves

Helping children with and getting them to learn to do their homework on their own can be a path full of screaming, complaining and crying. But it is possible that this transition process in which children manage to do their homework on their own is full of love, respect and many positive learnings, both for parents and children.

As the school year progresses, it is common to see in some homes how parents lose motivation and become indifferent to their children’s academic development, helping them less and less. Others lose patience little by little and screaming and crying become part of the daily homework and study. Others, to avoid stress, choose to do much of the homework for their children, depriving them of the opportunity to learn on their own.

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Dr. Mariano Rosabal, a psychologist specialized in human development and education, tells us how from his experience he has known cases in which the moment of doing homework or studying for exams becomes a true martyrdom for children and parents. “In many homes, crying and screaming are the way of communication and resolution of study problems. Parents and children experience stress, frustration, anger… and children particularly concentration problems, low motivation to learn and low self-esteem. This produces poor academic results; leading to more anger and frustration. It’s a vicious cycle,” he commented.

For Dr. Mariano , most of the reasons behind this problem is the lack of strategies and assertive communication on the part of the parents, which triggers the development of null or poor study and learning strategies in children. “In some cases they are very busy parents due to their jobs and/or caring for other children and family situations, in other cases they are parents without the knowledge of assertive and indicated strategies to teach their children to study and do homework, and in other cases it is a mixture of the two factors: busy parents with no knowledge of how to teach a child to study and do homework”.

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The above scenario is the result of adults learning violent parenting styles, based on yelling and hitting, and they are the only ones they know. However, Dr. Mariano says that the picture is not as black as it seems and if measures are taken in time, parents can learn as much as children are doing. “Parenting styles are undoubtedly influenced by how parents raised us, but they are not written in stone, they can be modified,” said Dr. Mariano.

With the help of Dr. Mariano, we elaborated 12 tips so that the preschool and school stage does not become a martyrdom for you and your children; on the contrary, we want it to be a stage full of learning and satisfaction for both. To make it more practical, we have arranged the tips into three types: a. general for communication and conflict resolution, b. what to do when helping your children with homework and study.