Do this and Never Fear Exams Ever Again

Since exams dates are on the head, it’s obvious to be nervous. Many students become quiet, anxious, suffer from anxiety, etc. These fears are due to the vast courses one has to deal with before exams. But! Being intense mode all the time could affect your health, your state of mind, and ultimately your performance. 

Now! No more fear and anxiety on your way. Here are some tips for swiping away your exam fears. Let’s have a look at them. 

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Keep Realistic Targets

Every student knows their capability very well. Before setting a target or goal for yourself, sit and think once. Ask yourself questions like what are my capabilities? What do I want from my life? How much effort can I put in? What do I want to become, and Why I want to become? Asking such questions will help you set the right target for yourself.  

Whenever you set a goal for yourself, set the real one. Targets will hurt your academics. Setting a target that you cannot achieve will lead you to failure. 

So! Whenever you plan to set a target, keep it accurate and easy to achieve. 

Put a timetable which suits your study timing. Some of you are day learners, while some are night learners. So! Plan your time according to that. Keep less essential things for the last and do the most important things first. 

Short Notes and Points

It is one of the best methods of learning things. Suppose you are reading something, and it is too long to memorize correctly. So! one thing you can do is make short notes of it. Creating brief notes will make it easier for you to remember. It will also be helpful at the time of final revision.

Active recalling is very important when you get stuck in between exams. Your short notes should not be boring. The best way to make the short notes is by drawing, mentioning things pointwise, highlighting the important points, etc. So! Try to make your notes appealing to avoid getting bored while reading them. You can also use flashcards to get easy access to the topics whenever you need them. 


Practicing with Mock Question Papers

It is one of the oldest yet beneficial methods of preparing yourself for the exams. It’s always better to test yourself and your capabilities before appearing for the final exam. Practicing previous year’s question papers will give you an idea about the marking scheme and the weightage of different chapters. Also, you come across many topics which could be very useful from the examination point of view. 

You can also appear for the mock test. A mock test will help you to analyze yourself and your preparation. Some of the online teaching apps conduct regular mock tests. You can give a mock test online without going anywhere. 

Seeking Help!

It’s prevalent for students to get stuck between their studies. While reading, you may come across many things that you cannot understand. So! It is the time when you need help. It’s essential to have a clear concept of things. Keeping things for the latter could cause you a lot of trouble. So! Whenever you come across a complex topic or a word, note it down somewhere and ask it with your teachers. Also, there are many best apps to teach online, where you can find expert teachers who will help you clear your concepts.

You Deserve a Break!

Sometimes studying for hours and hours will make you feel exhausted. As a result, you get distracted from your studies. For better focus and concentration, it is essential to take a break from your studies. 15-20 mins of the break are necessary to refresh yourselves. 


Here are some tips for you which will make you confident and vanish away from your exam fear. Students are advised to follow these tips and keep fear away. 

All the best!