8 Ways to Help Your Organization Reach More Potential Donors

Finding new donors is one of the most important ways for organizations to raise money for a cause. There are many ways that you can attract new donors to your organization. Leveraging modern technology and some old-school tips can help you reach donors, young and old. It’s important to reach donors where they are. Here are 8 ways you can do just that:

Leverage Sponsorship Letters Effectively

A sponsorship letter is a great way to reach out to potential donors. A sponsorship letter should include the name of your organization and its mission statement, why this individual or company should support your organization, and how you would like for them to help. Maybe you are reaching out to a hotel to donate conference space for an event. Perhaps you are asking a restaurant to donate food for an event. Or maybe you are looking for corporate donors who can fund monthly nonprofit projects. Make sure they know exactly what the money or donation will be used for and when you need a decision made.

Do Podcast Interviews

Podcasts are a great way to tap into new audiences. Podcast interviews are a great way to get your message out, and they’re becoming more popular. People want to hear from interesting people and organizations. This is a great way to share the positive impact your organization is having on others while also reaching a new donor base. Plus, podcast technology means that you don’t need to go to a studio to record the interview. Instead, you can do the interview remotely using your own computer and gear.

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Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

Social media is a great way to reach new donors. However, you need a plan in place with goals before your start. Your goals for your marketing plan should be based on how many people you want to reach and the conversion rate you want to have.

Connect With Younger Donors on TikTok

Most older folks don’t realize what a powerful tool TikTok is for reaching the younger generations. You can easily use TikTok to connect with younger people and share about the good work your organization is doing. Plus, you can easily link to your website to make donations a breeze. You can use TikTok to show off your organization in a positive light and engage potential donors by posting videos from events or sharing information about upcoming initiatives.

Make Donations Mobile-Friendly

Make your donation page mobile-friendly. The first step to making donations easy is to make sure that people can find the donate button on your website. If you have a responsive design, this should be easy. Make sure the donate button is at the top of every page and that you easily guide potential donors through the process.  

Collect Emails Using a Free E-Book

Email marketing is not dead, and one of the ways that you can use it to your advantage is to give away a free e-book in exchange for an email address. Create an ebook with information that inspires them and talks about your organization or the problem your organization is trying to solve. Tell people what to expect in the book and why it’s relevant for them. Getting them on your email list means that you can then use email marketing best practices to share stories from your nonprofit, offer opportunities to donate or volunteer, and so much more.

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Promote Fundraising Events

Another way to get more donors is to host fundraising events. Promote your fundraising events on social media platforms. You can share information about the event, ask for volunteers and donations, and create a buzz around the cause in general. Send an email newsletter, let them know about how to get involved on social media, update your website to showcase the upcoming event, and get help from volunteers to put up signs locally.

Connect With Other Organizations Doing Similar Work

Getting new donors might mean forming alliances with other organizations doing similar things. For instance, the food bank and the local shelters might collaborate on events and more to attract more donors. Plus, sharing resources means that you can feel good about helping the greater cause and not just your individual organization.


The best way to get more donors is by creating a positive brand image that appeals to your target audience. The key here is consistency through social media, emails, and your website. Be proactive and reach out to corporations as well to get corporate donors when needed.