Why Should You Use Voice Broadcasting?

Many business owners are already familiar with SMS blasting as a means of getting the word out about their company, but few of them realize how voice broadcasting can be even more effective. Voice broadcasting is a mass-communication tool that allows proprietors to deliver a recorded audio file to a list of subscribers by way of a pre-recorded phone call.

The concept behind voice broadcasting is pretty simple. You, the business owner, source your list of subscriber phone numbers from whatever database you currently use to store them. A previously recorded message is then sent out, in mass, to these consumers in a call. At this stage, the customer picks up the phone and listens to your voice-recorded message

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No matter the size of your business, voice broadcasting is an efficient way of connecting with your customers to distribute new information about your company, gather consumer information, and create new opportunities for an even greater number of sales. Utilizing a proven voice broadcasting service is one of the most dependable means of reaching thousands of customers all at once, at an extremely low cost.

Not only is voice broadcasting a quick and effective way of reaching a large number of customers, but, as mentioned above, it’s far cheaper than making individual calls through a traditional call center. When you hire a voice broadcasting provider, you needn’t worry about costly labor and equipment that’s associated with operating a call center environment. Of course, you’re foremost saving on expensive labor, but the voice broadcasting system allows you to be more efficient with your time because you’re reaching so many people instantaneously.

Because this system is so quick to launch, you can focus your time on converting sales from interested parties instead of managing a team of outbound call staff that may not have the training or experience to bring in new sales. You simply compose the message you want to be transcribed for the text-to-speech tool. Or better, you can use your own pre-recorded message and just set a time for the call. From this point, automation takes over entirely as the server starts issuing the desired number of calls.

While voice broadcasting may not be as personal as an individual call, we’ve established it is far less costly. This system ultimately allows more of your personality to come through than an SMS blast campaign. You’re able to use your own speaking voice along with an array of engaging sound effects that simply can’t be applied to your standard written communications. Likewise, unless you’re a skilled writer, qualities like humor, attitude, and tone are easier to achieve in a voice broadcast.

These are only a few benefits to using a voice broadcasting service. The main takeaway here, though, is that it will save your business an exponential amount of money and time. And do remember, as you consider this method of marketing your enterprise, there are several laws and regulations governing call solicitations. You’ll want to ensure that you work with a reputable service provider that heeds to them accordingly.

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