What You Need To Know About Mass Flow Meters

In this article, we will discuss all the things you need to know when it comes to the mass flow meter. Everything from what it is, how it works, how to measure mass flow. We will also make a distinction between different types of flow meters. 

First, let’ start with what flow meters are. 

The essential information you need to know about mass flow meters

Mass flow meters are used to measure the mass of gas or liquid. They do this when the liquid or gas passes through a certain point of the flow system. Many industries call them differently depending on what they are using it on or for. 

There are two categories when it comes to flow meters, and many seem to confuse them. The first is the volume flow meter, and the second is the mass flow meter. The first one measures the volume of a liquid, and the second measures the mass. Their names should tell it how it is without any explanation. 

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How does a mass flow meter work?

A mass flow meter can’t work without heat. But, depending on the material, conditions, and accuracy, the flow meter works differently. There isn’t one specific way a flow meter can work. 

But it all comes down to viscosity and density. These two things are the ones responsible for getting accurate measurements. If you want to know more about this, follow the link https://www.azom.com/article.aspx?ArticleID=15055.

How to measure mass flow in a laboratory?

Having to measure mass flow needs a lot of control and accuracy. Any machine that uses a mass flow meter needs to be as precise as possible. There is no room for mistakes. 

There are many ways that you can test the flow of a liquid throughout the pipes. We will discuss about few further down. 

The first way we will discuss about is by using inertia. This is a very effective way that you can test the flow of a liquid. While this process is happening, the tubes tend to twist in shape as the frequency goes. But, you have to consider that there is a possibility of not getting the most accurate results. This can rarely happen when bubbles tend to show in the tubes. 

Another way you can check the mass flow is by using an ultrasonic flowmeter. What they do is use the air bubbles in the tubes. The way they use it is by following them as the liquid is moving, and this way, they can determine the rate of the flow. 

These types of tests are needed as there is a significant reason to avoid any mistakes from happening. It is better to have any failures occur during lab tests instead of in a factory. These are solutions that can fix many problems. 

The laboratory is an excellent way of making specific circumstances and testing everything on their terms. Having a machine using a flow meter getting messed up can cause a lot of damage in the workplace. This is why it is essential to do these tests.  

Parts of mass flow meter

We can always explain how a flow meter works and what its principle is. But, sometimes, we want to know what is inside of it. What actually makes it work the way it does. 

The major components of a mass flow meter are able to be counted on one hand. Those are the flow body, conditioning section, and sensor tube. The two other are bypass and electronics. 

With only five components, this thing can do many things we can only imagine about. The way that it functions is astonishing since it measures everything so precisely. Every part of it is being tested separately before assembling it together in the end. 

This is a type of instrument that is used for leakage, custody transfer, and environmental monitoring. It is one instrument that can do many things. It plays a massive part in monitoring the environment significantly. 

We would be surprised to see that this instrument is used to test how contaminated the environment is in real-time. 

Many factories from different industries use this instrument for other things. And there is no surprise anymore since we already mentioned that it can be used for more than one thing. Using mass flow meters is very rewarding to every company that uses them.


Using a mass flow meter is excellent for when you want to get accurate results about something. In the beginning, these meters were not as accurate, but as time went by, they were developed into an instrument that had little to no mistakes. Many things were needed to be measured separately, but with these meters now, that is not required.