What Is No Zone?

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What Is No Zone?

No Zone refers to the blind spots around large commercial vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and trailers. These blind spots are areas around the vehicle that cannot be seen by the driver, even with the use of mirrors or cameras. Being aware of the No Zone is important for both drivers of commercial vehicles and other motorists on the road to prevent accidents and ensure safety.

Understanding The No Zone

The No Zone refers to four specific areas around a commercial vehicle that are difficult for the driver to see:

  1. The Front No Zone: This area extends about 20 feet in front of the vehicle and is especially important for drivers to be aware of when making turns or changing lanes.
  2. The Rear No Zone: This area extends about 30 feet behind the vehicle and can be difficult to see, especially for long vehicles like tractor-trailers.
  3. The Side No Zone: This area extends from the side mirrors to the back of the vehicle and can be challenging for drivers to see, especially when changing lanes.
  4. The Wide Turn No Zone: This area refers to the space required for a commercial vehicle to make a turn, which is much larger than that required for a passenger vehicle. Other drivers should be aware of this and avoid getting too close to the turning vehicle.

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Why The No Zone Is Important?

Being aware of the No Zone is critical for both commercial vehicle drivers and other motorists on the road. Large vehicles have a much larger blind spot than passenger vehicles, and drivers need to be aware of this when operating their vehicles. Other drivers should also be aware of the No Zone and avoid getting too close to commercial vehicles, especially when they are turning or changing lanes.

Tips For Staying Safe Around The No Zone

There are several steps that drivers can take to stay safe around the No Zone:

  1. Be aware of commercial vehicles on the road and give them plenty of space.
  2. Avoid driving in the No Zone of a commercial vehicle, especially when they are turning or changing lanes.
  3. Always use your turn signals when changing lanes or turning.
  4. Be patient when driving near a commercial vehicle, as they may need more time to maneuver.
  5. If you are a commercial vehicle driver, be sure to properly adjust your mirrors to minimize your blind spots.


The No Zone is an important concept for all drivers to understand, especially those who share the road with commercial vehicles. By being aware of the No Zone and taking steps to stay safe, drivers can help to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Commercial vehicle drivers should also be aware of the No Zone and take steps to minimize their blind spots to ensure that they can operate their vehicles safely and efficiently.

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What Is An Example Of A No Zone?

A truck’s blind spots are called No Zones. A No Zone is the area around the trucks where your car is no longer visible or you are so close that the truck can’t stop or maneuver safely. In both cases, when you are in a No Zone you are in much greater danger of getting into a collision.

What Are No Zones Where Are They Located?

Trucks have large blind spots, or no-zones, directly in front, directly behind, and on either side of them. More specifically, the no-zones on most big rigs can be mapped out as follows: Front no-zone: Approximately 20 feet. Rear no-zone: Approximately 30 feet.

How Do You Avoid No Zone?

You Can Avoid the No-Zones

  1. If you can’t see the driver, the driver can’t see you. Whether you are traveling on the side or rear of the truck, you must use the truck’s mirrors to keep the driver’s face within your view.
  2. Don’t linger.
  3. Pass safely.
  4. Beware wide right turns.

What Is The No Zone Around Trucks?

The “No-Zone” refers to the areas behind and beside a commercial truck, where the truck driver has limited or zero visibility: The left rear quarter. The right rear quarter. Directly behind the truck at a short distance.


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