What Is A Compelling Question?

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What Is A Compelling Question?

Asking a compelling question is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience and encourage them to think deeply about a topic. A compelling question is thought-provoking, and open-ended, and encourages the listener to consider different perspectives. It can be used in a variety of contexts, from classroom discussions to business meetings, and can be a powerful tool for sparking creativity and generating new ideas.

So, what is a compelling question? A compelling question is one that:

  1. Encourages Deep Thinking: A compelling question should require the listener to think critically and deeply about the topic. It should be open-ended, meaning there are no right or wrong answers, and should encourage the listener to consider different perspectives.
  2. Sparks Curiosity: A compelling question should pique the listener’s curiosity and make them want to learn more. It should be intriguing and thought-provoking, encouraging the listener to explore the topic further.
  3. Generates Discussion: A compelling question should be one that can generate discussion and encourage collaboration. It should encourage the listener to share their ideas and perspectives and should create an environment where everyone feels comfortable contributing.

Here are a few examples of compelling questions:

  1. What would the world be like if we all had access to free education?
  2. How can we design a more sustainable future for our planet?
  3. What is the role of technology in shaping our future, and how can we ensure it benefits everyone?
  4. How can we promote diversity and inclusion in our workplaces and communities?
  5. What would happen if we all took a day off from technology?

When asking a compelling question, it’s important to create a safe and welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas. It’s also important to listen actively and respectfully to others’ perspectives, even if they differ from your own.


In conclusion, a compelling question is an open-ended, thought-provoking question that encourages deep thinking, sparks curiosity, and generates discussion. By asking compelling questions, we can spark creativity, generate new ideas, and promote collaboration and discussion. So, the next time you want to engage your audience or spark a discussion, try asking a compelling question and see where it takes you.

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What Is An Example Of A Compelling Question?

For example, “Was the American Revolution revolutionary?” works as a compelling question because it signals a continuing argument about how to interpret the results of the Revolution.

What Is The Meaning Of A Compelling Question?

So what do we mean by a compelling question? It’s similar to an essential question, but there’s just one of them, it frames the entire project or unit, and it meets these criteria: Relevant to learners’ lives and interests. Important: It points toward important, transferable ideas and concepts.

What Are Compelling And Supporting Questions?

The simple distinction is that a compelling question frames an inquiry and a supporting question helps make the compelling question actionable. In other words, supporting questions provide the subject matter scaffolding necessary for students to make and support arguments in answer to the compelling question.

What Questions Are Supporting Questions?

Supporting questions represent the content of your inquiry in a logical arrangement that will help structures students’ encounter with the content. The supporting questions unpack the compelling question. They are rich in detail and deliberately reflective of the content.

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