What Are the Options for Safeco Insurance Coverage

Founded in 1923, the subsidiary of Liberty Mutual insurance is one of the top insurance companies offering property and auto insurance coverage options. Currently, it provides its services in most states in the US; hence you can enjoy unlimited coverage in any state. The rapid expansion makes it one of the most popular insurance companies in the US, but the recognition is mainly due to the offers and services.

The company believes in excellent customer service as a core business; hence it offers multiple choices and options for customers based on their financial capabilities and needs. It has a good number of policy options; let’s explore some of these options. 

Safeco Auto and vehicle insurance

The auto and vehicle insurance coverage covers automobiles such as cars & SUVs, motorcycles, boats and watercraft, classic cars, RV/trailer/motorhomes, ATV and off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, golf carts, and low-speed vehicles. 

Remember that Insurance is necessary even if you are not from a densely populated state. For example, even if you live in North Dakota, you still need to choose the best insurance, as it can make a huge difference in a challenging situation. The good news is that you might not have to look far, as there are many reputable outlets to buy cheap North Dakota auto insurance.

All of them qualify for coverage; however, you can select an option that meets the requirements of the auto you wish to cover. Here are your options:

The options available for auto and vehicle insurance you to choose from are:

  1. Medical expenses

In case of an accident, the cover will pay for your medical covers, those of your passengers, and other third parties involved in the accident as long as you can prove the other parties were responsible. Still, you and your passengers will be covered without proof.

  1. Property damage

This is mainly a third-party option coverage since it reimburses for the damages caused to other cars and other property such as mailboxes and houses. You can get it independently as part of the third-party damage requirements and insurance regulations.

  1. Collision

In case of an accident, this option will cover the damages to your auto or reimburse you for repairing and restoring the auto. The collision package can also include personal property auto insurance coverage, covering any stolen items from your car in case of collision and crowd looting. 

  1. Comprehensive option

The comprehensive coverage covers a wide range of issues. First, it covers all the damages to your auto in the event of disasters, break-ins, damage by animals, people, collisions, accidents, etc. It also covers theft and other repairs, especially damages to critical components such as a broken windshield.

It includes all the third-party elements, such as medical expenses, property damages, etc. It will cover your medical expenses and passengers in case of an accident. The comprehensive cover also includes pet coverage which covers vet expenses or reimbursement in case the pet is hurt or dead during an accident.

  1. Rental car reimbursement

In case of an accident or damage, your car may take longer to repair; hence you may need a rental car to get around. This coverage will cover the rental car costs until your car is delivered after full repairs. It also includes rental car valet services for the car delivery to your home or office and the driver picking up your car and taking it for repairs. 

  1. New vehicle replacement

The option is available for write-offs since the company will replace your car with a new one under certain conditions. Suppose the car is stolen, covered less than 15000 miles, and was insured when new. Otherwise, the company will always reimburse you based on the current market value. 

  1. Roadside expenses

This option is a part of comprehensive coverage, but you can also take it independently if you do not have comprehensive coverage. It covers all roadside repairs and expenses, such as towing. It also covers jumpstarts, tire repairs, lockouts, etc.

Suppose you need more robust roadside assistance. In that case, you can upgrade to the emergency assistance option, which covers damage to personal belongings and other expenses if you get into an accident more than 25 miles from home. It also covers additional expenses such as meals, lodging, and transportation to get back home or complete your journey.

Safeco homeowners and property insurance

This insurance option is available for homeowners, those with condos, renters, landlords, and a party of home warty. There are different options for each of these parties to select and customize based on their needs. The following options are available for the parties:

  1. Personal property damage

This coverage option is suitable for all parties, depending on what you want to cover. For instance, a renter can have personal property coverage to cover damages to electronics and other essentials in floods, earthquakes, electrocution, and other disasters. A home or condo owner may take the cover to cover the house and other household items in case of any disasters. 

The cover is extended to cover other personal items, such as clothing and furniture, protecting from events such as fires. It is one of the most inclusive and comprehensive Safeco insurance coverage for homes and families. While applying for the cover, you must disclose all property details and show proof of ownership to ensure they are covered as your assets. 

  1. Personal liability coverage

This option covers third-party costs if a third party sues you for personal property damage or bodily harm. This option is suitable for renters whose property owners can sue for the damages done to the house when vacating. It can also cover expenses such as suits about nuisance from neighbors hence suitable for both property owners and renters.

  1. Dwelling coverage

This cover is for homeowners and compensates for property replacement or repair costs in case of fires, floods, and quakes. It also covers other costs, such as property damages caused by other parties, such as renters.

  1. Valuable article coverage

This is the cover for you if you have any valuable items, such as jewelry, art, and other limited edition items. It will cover the property as long as it is within your house or home. It covers the property and compensates for damages during a disaster or theft. It can be an add-on to the personal property coverage or cover these items under the cover but with certain limits. It is one insurance coverage suitable for renters, especially those in urban areas. 

  1. Equipment breakdown coverage

This add-on option covers repairs and replacement for key equipment needed to sustain the home. It covers HVAC, electrical, and plumbing checks and repairs. It covers the critical home functionality items not covered under the home insurance policy. You can take it independently or as a part of the more extensive coverage.


Safeco is one of the most preferred insurance companies due to its range of products and services. The services vary based on your automobile and property insurance needs. Before selecting an option, consider browsing other options to understand what other better deals you can get. 

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