What are the maths topics in CLAT?

Undoubtedly, Mathematics is a crucial subject for the aspirants preparing or appearing for CLAT. Hence, the students often emphasize having clarity regarding things to expect in the subject. In this context, the major importance should be regarding the facts and the propositions. Similarly, it is going to include graphs and different pictorial elements as well. Alongside, emphasis must be on pictorial representation of numerical data. Download CLAT Maths Syllabus PDF.

Indeed, there will be several numerical questions. Most importantly, it is crucial to collect detail from the data. Additionally, there will be passages and details regarding graphical aspects. Alongside, there will be calculations in order to answer the overall questions. Hence, it is vital to have clarity regarding the fundamentals of mathematical calculations. Similarly, one must note down the entire set of formulae and functionalities as well. Check CLAT Maths Preparation Tips.

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Key topics

Percentage and Algebra

It is essential to have clarity regarding the importance of subjects. Undoubtedly, this aspect matters the most to score well in examination. First of all, one should pay emphasis on Percentage. This is certainly the trickiest of all topics in Mathematics for CLAT. Now, considering that there is a range of calculations in it, one needs to be very careful about it. Next comes is Algebra; one can expect a huge range of questions from it. However, good news is that there is not much fuss about remembering various formulae in it.

Areas Mensuration, and Number Systems

Areas Mensuration is another critical topic that one must focus on in CLAT Mathematics. However, this is certainly one of the most challenging of all topics. Moreover, here one has to remember a variety of questions for this topic. At the same time, there remain different theories that one needs to understand as well. Number Systems are indeed one of the tricky topics that fall under CLAT. However, more than formula, here, one needs to have clarity regarding the concept clarity.

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Time-Speed, and Distance, and Average

Next comes is the topic, Time-Speed, and Distance. Undoubtedly, there are various tricky aspects those one must address. Most importantly, one must pay a lot of significance to the formulaic dimension of the subject. Indeed, there remain a lot of calculations in it. But, most importantly, one needs to understand the underneath principles of the subject as well. It is essential to practice extensively on this topic in order to gain perfection. 

Coming to Average, this too is an important topic that one must consider regarding CLAT Mathematics. However, according to most aspirants, this is among the easiest of all the topics. Hence, one should bank on it in order to aim at scoring big on the exam. However, one should not just overlook this topic, considering this as an easy topic. Rather, one must do the needful practice for it to attain the requisite perfection.

Work and Time

Work and Time is the next major topic that falls under CLAT. Undoubtedly, here one needs to deal with a huge range of calculations. Moreover, this topic represents the perfect balance between calculation and formulae. Undoubtedly, one needs to practice considerably high for this topic. 


Coming next is the topic, Profit-Loss. Indeed, this is one of the trickiest of all topics in CLAT Mathematics. Indeed, there are a lot of formulae in it. In fact, one can find these formulae easily through the book. But, things may not work upon simply remembering the formula. Rather, one needs to understand the basics and usage of it for greater clarity. And, there is no alternative, but one has to practice a lot for attaining the requisite perfection in it.


Coming next is the topic, Probability. Undoubtedly, this is one of the analytically most challenging of all subjects. On most occasions, people approach it like a theoretical subject. Instead, one must consider this as a proper analytical subject for greater understanding. Here often, practitioners feel like gaining confidence, but one gets the reality only after having hands-on practice. In this context, one should only feel confident after practicing thoroughly and gaining perfection.

Statistical estimation, Mensuration, and Ratio-Proportions

Statistical estimation is another crucial topic that demands proper analysis and calculations. Hence, one must practice well to gain perfection. Apart from these, Menstruation and Ratios and Proportions are also two of the crucial topics one must consider for CLAT.