Vinyl vs. Mesh Banner: Which is right for you?

When you decide to purchase banners for your business, there is often a specific purpose or special occasion in mind. As you’re contemplating your order, you’ll probably realize the effectiveness and versatility of this unique advertising medium. This marketing medium has been used for years because it works for businesses of all sizes and types. The great thing is that banners are an incredibly customizable way to advertise. You can customize the design, background color, graphics, and text to suit your business and specific marketing goals.

When it comes to choosing between vinyl and mesh banners, it will take some careful consideration. The specific purpose of your banners and their location are important when deciding between the two fabrics. Mesh banners and vinyl banners each have their own benefits and disadvantages. Understanding exactly what each of these banners can offer will likely make your decision a bit easier. Knowledge is power, so here’s what you need to know.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are very lightweight, but they are also extremely durable. They can last years with the proper care and are often repurposed after their marketing days are gone. Mesh banners are ideal for outdoor locations that are susceptible to high winds. It is often necessary to secure both sides of mesh banners with properly placed grommets to help them withstand the elements.

The 8-ounce mesh banners are still composed of strong-quality vinyl to prevent fraying at the edges. Mesh banners allow wind and sound to pass through, without distorting sound waves. This makes them a preferred option for certain venues like stage displays and concert signage.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are typically a little more cost effective and you can choose the finish. Whether you choose a high gloss or matte finish, vinyl signs can be printed on both sides for maximum visibility. They are the preferred choice for indoor signage promoting large events, grand opening banners, and even vinyl backdrops.

Vinyl banners tend to be a little thicker offering more contrast for high color graphics. This is often highly effective for capturing large audiences, especially from a distance. Highly visible vinyl banners tend to offer more marketing options. They are available in customizable sizes to be used in unique spaces where mesh banners may not be effective. However, they do need to be replaced more often.

Order Your Banners Today

Order your custom banners today. Banners are a tried and true advertising medium that offers multiple advantages for any business. You can grow your audience and promote brand awareness without a huge upfront investment. When choosing between mesh banners and vinyl banners, your purpose and placement will help dictate the best option for you. Some companies like to keep both on hand to participate in multiple marketing strategies simultaneously. Mesh banners are more durable and better suited for locations susceptible to wind. Vinyl banners offer more options but may need to be replaced more often. Choose the best banners for your specific marketing campaigns and order yours today.