Various ideas to celebrate rakhi with kids

Raksha Bandhan is one such festival that encourages us all Indians to cherish the bond we share with our loving siblings. As festivals tend to bring us all together and help us to rekindle our traditions and customs, this raksha bandhan you can choose to encourage your little kiddos to look forward to more fun and less cliched rituals. You can choose to organise some fun activities for the kiddos of your house to teach them the significance of this joyous festival in the most exciting/entertaining way. To help you gather some ideas we have prepared this list of ideas to help you celebrate rakhi with kids. Take some cues and start with your execution.

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  1. Storytelling session – It’s very important to keep our children grounded with their traditions and customs no matter how many modern days lie ahead of them. As children love a good storytelling session, you can organise a story session to impart to them the significance and mythological history behind this beautiful festival. Tell them Lord Krishna- Draupadi, Emperor Humayun- Rani Karnavati, Yama – Yamuna, King Bali – Goddess Laxmi and King Porus – Roxana’s story. Your children will be thrilled to listen to these stories for sure and it will surely elevate the importance of this festival as well as it will improve their siblings’ bonding. 
  2. Rakhi making competition – Another thing that every child is bound to enjoy is a kids rakhi making competition. This year, you can ask them to chuck out shopping for a beautiful piece of rakhi and rather craft one with their creativity. A touch of eco-friendliness into your rakhi celebrations is sure to put the right message across them and notch up the rakhi celebrations vibes. You can provide them with safety scissors, glue and other such craft materials to let them design their rakhi, their own way. You will be thrilled how beautifully they design, out of their love for their siblings. 
  3. Decorate a rakhi thali – If designing rakhi has been already a thing of the past celebrations of you, then try out rakhi thali decorations, this year. You can provide them with beads, threads, paper cutouts and other such material from the wedding cards. It could be a fantastic way of keeping them engaged with something creative and as intriguing as decorating a rakhi thali. They are sure to love recycling old stuff and put their imagination to use to design their own rakhi thali. 
  4. Screening of animation movies – There are many animated movies which teach the significance of this festival in a fun visual way, opt for those. A movie day on the day of Raksha Bandhan is sure to make everyone of your dear little ones look forward to it. You can look for some animated movies online over YouTube or some other DVDs.
  5. Enacting some mythological stories related to Rakhi – Organising a play can be quite an interactive way of celebrating Raksha Bandhan together with elders and kiddos if the family alike. You can get the dialogues, costumes and makeup done on your Rakhi play day. It will be one memorable way to remember this year’s rakhi celebrations, for sure. 
  6. Rakhi sweet making – Every Indian festival tends to become even more special as and when they are celebrated with great fervour and heightened spirits over some desi sweets. You can organise a ladoo making competition for your kiddos -the one who makes perfectly round laddoos in less time wins the competition. 
  7. Charades game – Now this game is not rakhi related but it could be a fun game to execute at rakhi celebrations, this year. You can make it more rakhi oriented by giving your kiddos characters to act from the mythological stories of Rakhi. It would be quite knowledgeable as well as a fun game to indulge into playing.

So, these were some of the fantastic ideas to celebrate rakhi with kids. You can pick your favourite and start with your preparations, right away.

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