Using A Moving Company In Charlotte To Get You To Your New Home

Life is exciting when it comes the time to move to a new home, the new adventures to embark on, memories to be made, and redecorating for a fresh start. This feeling is all well and great but the initial thought when you first sign on the dotted line on your new home contract and begin ordering boxes for packing can be daunting. 

So many questions to ask and to answer, knowing who will do what and how will they do it, and if you have ticked all the boxes off on the to-do list to ensure the whole process runs smoothly. It is a lot to take on, but if you begin early enough and keep your calm with a constant flow of cups of tea in your hand you should be fine. The organization will certainly be your friend in a moving transition, but one step at a time will be the best option to keep your calm. 

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The beginning.

Too often we begin with excitement ordering tape guns and potent smelling markers and the first few month’s things are being wrapped neatly and in excessive amounts of newspaper, but as time draws closer you start to feel the pressure. And fear not you are not new in this feeling nor will you be the last to experience this anxiety, see here for an interesting article on the topic and to realize we have all been through this at one point in our lives, some more so than others.

Suddenly you are writing less legibly on the boxes, the tape is going on in lines that are far from straight, and you are wondering what is missing. All of the time. Have you forgotten to cancel a utility, are the bills prepaid on the other end, who will lift and carry boxes to and from, you are bound to become overwhelmed and exhausted before you know it. 

What you need is a basic checklist to refer to so you remain on track, and it will also serve as a guide to ensure you have the majority of the elements in place in both homes, the one you’re leaving and the new version down the road. Let’s look at the basics to keep in mind when embarking on your new home adventure and to keep the excitement flowing, this is a new chapter in your life, after all, you want to make the most of it.


Every move will be different and be aware that irrespective of how well you plan, organize, or even have practice runs of it, there will always be something that pops up unexpectantly. We all know how Mother Nature likes to throw a curveball our way in life when things are seemingly too good to be true, am I right, but this just keeps us on our toes and makes things interesting (although not at the time it is happening but certainly a conversation starter down the line).

Moving day prep and essentials.

The day has arrived, the sun seems to be shining with not a cloud in the sky and you can breathe a sigh of relief that your nightmare of torrential rain was just that, a nightmare. You have hired a highly recommended and exclusive moving and delivery company to get the job done, and since speaking and arranging with them you have peace of mind and confidence that all will go well.

As boxes go into the moving vehicles, blankets and tarps are laid down or wrapped around more delicate pieces of furniture you think to yourself that this may just be pulled off successfully and without a hitch. Win-win. To keep things on track and more importantly to not get in the way keep these basics in mind.

  • Help. This is on a request basis and should not be done voluntarily by you as it usually ends up being more of a hindrance (apologies but it’s true) and you are just in the way. Let the company employees and professionals do what they know best, help if you can or if they want from time to time but don’t hover like a bar fly. 
  • Refreshments. Nothing gets people working more effectively and efficiently than being well-fed and hydrated, it could mean having hot tea and coffee ready on arrival with a few biscuits on the side that will certainly not be turned down. Then halfway ask for a refill of cups of tea and add to that ready-made baguettes or a hot meal takeaway if convenient to restore their energy levels. You will be surprised how well a meal can go down on moving day.

Although there is still some debate on this topic, see a discussion about it if you click here at the end of the day the decision is yours to make. But if you had to think about it, if people came into your home to help you with something inside would you not offer them a beverage or a slice of homemade quiche if it has just come out of the oven? 

This is basic manners 101 whether they are moving your belongings or not, and besides, a well-fed individual is more likely to have more care when carrying your boxes from one end of the village to the other don’t you think? 

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  • Be ready. The worst part and certainly the last thing any professional mover wants or needs is to arrive at the house and you are still scurrying around trying to tape boxes and dumping things into packets left and right. Ensure all is done before moving day, have a few extra supplies on hand for those just in case moments if need be, but preparation is key for a good moving day.

A last thought.

This is the time to make have a clean slate, to be more organized in your new home, and a good finish can lead to a great beginning, let’s embrace the new home and thank the professional movers for getting us there, right?