When preparing to move to a new home, and confused between choosing a one-way move or an In-Town move, then you are at the right place. Basically, these two different types of moves may differ a lot but choosing one is directly based on the more benefits offered by one of them. The top national movers at pricingvanlines.com explain that understanding the difference between the two offers more clarity on the subject and enable the customers to make informed decision. Let’s discuss further:

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Basic Difference

  • One-Way Move

In simple words, a one-way move will be in which you would be renting a truck along with renting all the required equipment like moving containers, ropes, clips, boxes, etc. separately so that the truck can be returned as your moving is completed. All the stuff like equipment and your belongings make a single trip and you don’t have to worry about returning the truck to its original location as the company providing the truck would have already made the arrangements for sustainably returning the truck by either arranging another moving job in the same location.

The total headache of returning the truck remains with the company.

  • In-Town Move

This type of move is a bit hectic and also time-consuming as compared to the one-way move. In this type of moving, the consumer has to return the rented equipment or truck to the same point from where he had picked it up. In a way, the consumer has to make a round trip all the way back to the base. These kinds of moves are only feasible for a local move or if moving to a nearby area only. 

  • Price Difference 

In a one-way move, the customer receives a flat rate quote that is mainly based on the distance traveled by you in miles. There might also be a factor in the quote based on the time you will be having a truck with you and also the size of the truck can be a deciding factor too. If moving in a peak season then you might also be charged an additional fee. Keep in mind that you can be charged an additional amount if you exceed the time frame for which you are booking the truck.

In the case of an In-town Move, the prices are calculated by the miles you drove from the point of origin and eventually till you reach back to the base rental location. Here also the prices might vary for the size of the truck or by the trailer you have chosen to rent. The base rates also might vary state to state, time of the year (peak season), and many more. However, you can save some money if you rent the service on weekdays due to less demand. Carrying out a perfect estimate is difficult in case of an In-Town move.

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Which one to choose?

In most cases going for a one-way move is way better than going with an In-Town move. The mobility and stress-free transfers offered in a one-way move are way higher than you would see in other cases. They are pretty straight forward and you don’t have to worry about returning or wasting any time doing a round trip so that you can focus on assembling your new home.

The price difference between the two is also not much higher seen the fact that you would end up paying extra on fuels in the case of an In-Town move. You should only go with the One-way move until and unless you find a cracking deal on an In-Town move. Also with this decreasing demand for in-town moves, the companies providing it have also decreased since the past few years.

Few Options of One-Way Move Rental

Truck Rental – In this option, you would only be getting the truck rented to you while the fuel, driver, packaging, and manpower, all of these things have to be arranged by you separately. You will also have to pay for the insurance of the truck.

Many people also tend to get packaging service while they rent a truck. It is a good add-on service and also eases the process out. You could even hire a driver if you want but managing so many different resources by yourself can be difficult and tiring for you.

All Services Moving Company – It is one of the best and most opted choice of people searching to move. The company accumulates all the services in one place for you so that you don’t have to do anything else other than supervising. They take care of each and every detail while moving as they are professionals and get involved in these chores on a daily basis. From getting their own truck and pieces of equipment to packing your stuff and shipping it further, they will take care of everything. Making your work easy and efficient comes with a price and so it can be a little expensive but in the end the services and ease they offer are totally worth it.

Understanding the moving services is very important before you decide to move. With right information, you can plan your move more efficiently and have a save relocate experience. 

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