Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Solar Systems

Are you installing solar panels?

You aren’t alone since over 2 million solar PVs exist in the United States. The driving force behind this shift is the benefits of solar energy. It means enjoying abundant energy without paying as much.

However, making mistakes when installing solar systems causes you to lose more money. If you want to avoid these, read on and learn:

  1. Ignoring Your Home’s Roof Structure

It can add up to 25 kilograms per square meter to your roof’s weight when installing solar systems. If your energy consumption is through the roof, you’ll need a bigger system. It means you’ll add more panels and increase their efficiency.

It’s why you must ensure whether your roof structure can support all the added weight. If your roof sports accessories like chimneys or air vents, consider placing the solar system accessories far from the primary unit. 

Also, think about your roof type. For example, a fiber-cement roof is often too brittle. To prevent cracks during installation, look for the appropriate racking.

  1. Improper Solar Panel System

Calculate the right panel size involves thinking about your monthly energy usage. It allows you to determine the right panel system for your needs.

However, it neglects various factors like:

  • Orientation of the panels
  • System inverter voltage settings
  • Natural decline of efficiency

Unless you think about these factors, you’re unlikely to get the wrong solar panel sizes. If your panels or battery banks have improper voltage, it can destroy costly hardware. 

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  1. Choosing the Cheapest Solar Panels

Never cut corners when buying solar panels. You’ll spend more money a few years later when investing in low-cost panels. You’ll likely replace them sooner because they’re easy to break.

It doesn’t mean going for the most expensive system. To get the ideal panel for your home, contact Blue Raven Solar. It’s especially when you’re living in Florida.

  1. Putting the Panels Away From the Sun

When placed on the roof, solar panels aren’t as aesthetically pleasing. It’s what motivates you to keep them out of sight whenever possible. You’re within the right to do so, but ensure your panels get enough sunlight.

Avoid placing your panels in places with lots of shadows. It’s why working with a solar installation service is a must. They know the ideal location for your unit.

  1. DIY Installing Solar Systems

Even as a DIY lover, it’s never a great idea when installing solar panels leeds. It’s only admissible when you have the right set of expertise. Before proceeding with DIY, ask yourself whether you can complete the solar panel wiring.

It’s one of the most basic activities for solar panel installation. If you aren’t confident, leave the task to the pros. A single mistake will cost a lot of money somewhere down the line.

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Install Solar Panels Today!

These are the most common pitfalls of installing solar systems. Use these to avoid falling into them. If your solar installation budget allows it, get more professionals to help complete the job.

Are you looking for more ways to save on energy bills? Read our other posts and learn now.


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