Tips for Lowering an Abnormally High Heating and Cooling Bill

If you are a homeowner using an air conditioner and you notice an increasing energy bill, it could mean your unit is not efficient. HVAC units consume a significant amount of electricity. However, if the consumption surpasses normal, the unit needs to be more efficient. Problems like poor maintenance, faulty thermostats, leaks, and ignored repairs could be a few reasons you are losing more money on energy bills. The following are reasons your HVAC unit is consuming more electricity and how to lower the bill.

You need to apply proper maintenance to your HVAC unit to keep it in good working condition and prevent inefficiency. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect their units until an issue arises, costing them more. It is crucial to apply seasonal maintenance services to the unit to increase its efficiency and reduce electricity usage. Once you skip maintenance, your unit will be a step closer to breaking down. The unit also needs clean air filters to work properly. The filters allow proper airflow in and out of the house. So, get the filters cleaned regularly to remove debris. Make sure you also replace the filters at least once a month. You can visit this page to find HVAC filters compatible with your unit.

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  • Incorrect Thermostat Settings

Smart or programmable thermostats are prone to errors. A simple mistake on the thermostat can present an issue that leads to more electricity consumption. So, ensure you check your thermostat and use it correctly. For instance, avoid turning it too low if the air inside the house is warm. Turning it too low tells the thermostat to cool the house more. Once you forget to adjust the thermostat, it will continue cooling even more than you need. This leads to energy wastage. Ensure you invest in a high-quality thermostat to properly control the temperature in the house.  

  • Leaking Ducts

The high heating and cooling energy bill could be because of the leaks in the ducts. Ducts carry warm and cold air inside and outside of the house. Once disconnected or loose, the air may leak to areas in the house where it is not needed. Therefore, ensure you get a licensed technician to fix duct leaks to prevent air from escaping.

  • Poor Insulation

If your house lacks proper insulation, your HVAC has a lot of work to keep the house cool. The cold air is lost since the house cannot retain it. The best way to prevent using too much electricity is to ensure your house is properly insulated. Check the windows, doors, walls, and attic.

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  • An Old HVAC

Your electricity bill may also increase because you are using an old HVAC. If the HVAC has reached its end of life, it becomes inefficient and strains to keep your house warm or cool. Furthermore, an old unit could also mean it does not have energy-saving technology. Therefore, consider replacing the old unit with a new and modern one. The initial cost may be high, but you will save a lot in the long run.

Bottom Line

Irrespective of the weather outside, an inefficient unit using a lot of energy is a burden to you. So, try saving every penny by applying the tips above. If you are having issues with the unit, contact professionals for repair and maintenance.