The Best CompTIA A+ Interview Questions & Answers – 2021

What is CompTIA certification? 

 The CompTIA A+ is a certification for beginners who are getting into IT and understanding how a computer system works. This is basically an entry-level certification provided to get into the IT field and resume a career in the IT sector.

 One needs to pass a set of two exams for earning CompTIA A+ certification. Qualifying the CompTIA examination and earning an A+ certification won’t just limit your skills to repairing computers but also can make you capable of solving a wider range of issues faced by many users using computers with various operating systems. From security to networking to operating systems, a certified CompTIA techie can troubleshoot a wider range of issues seen in computer devices. 

 Here are some of the questions you might face during a CompTIA A+ certification exam. 

 What Is a Motherboard?

 A motherboard is the entire computer system without the input and output devices. In a PC, a motherboard is found inside a cabinet called a CPU. A motherboard is basically a processing unit that contains all the computing and memory management hardware. From processor to RAM to cooling fan to the graphic card, it is the core of a computer system that helps the PC to run.

 Define Personal Computer.

 Personal Computer is otherwise known as a PC, is the entire computer system from input devices to output devices to basic hardware and necessary software that are assembled together to perform various computing tasks with an interface. 

 What do you mean by Gateway?

 A gateway is basically a hardware device to which one can connect multiple networks at a time. It reduces network biases and errors which helps controlling traffic and gives better bandwidth for the system to perform tasks faster. A router, server, or firewall can work as a gateway. The fundamental task of a gateway is to provide better ping and control incoming traffic on a network. 

What are the various types of Hard Disc Drive Connectors?

 Computer drives like SSD or HDD are connected with a variety of integrated disc controllers. 

 Hard Drive is connected to the motherboard through an interface wire. We generally find three main types of Hard Drive interface, i.e. IDE, also called PATA (Parallel ATA), the new one which is called SATA (Serial ATA), and SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) which is mainly used on servers and in big industries.

 Some other connectors are ITE and EITE.   

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Define an operating system.

 An operating system is the main user interaction tool through which a user performs various tasks by interacting with a computer system. It is software that is the middleware between other available software and a computer’s hardware. It closely works with the hardware system to make sure other software is working. An operating system gives the user to interact with the input and output system where the user can visualize both input and output variables. It performs all the basic and necessary tasks like memory management, process management, file management, and controlling hardware devices such as disk drives, printers, and other input and output devices. 

 What is GUI or Graphical User Interface?

 A computer system generally works with scripts and commands that are passed through a command-line interface. When the computer system arrived on the market, it was available with a CLI tool or OS, which was not that easy for a general user to interact with as the user has to write a specific number of commands to perform a small task. Then with the arrival of GUI (Graphical User Interface), those commands were compiled into graphical click objects, which became easy for users to understand and interact with as they can identify the root of a solution through graphical images.  

 What exactly is a graphics card or a graphics driver?

 After the arrival of GUI or Graphical User Interface, viewing content for users was not quite ambient or clear as it has large pixels, and the processing of graphical content was too slow. To make that pixel density improve and make the interface ambient and clear, an extra memory was added to the computer system called Graphics Card, which was only dedicated to this work.

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 What is a VPN?

 While assessing the internet, we depend on an address which the service provider provides to a specific user. That is called an Internet protocol address or IP address. The IP address is an address or a location pointer, which is a unique ID to that specific area to which the service provider belongs to. If a user wants to bypass that IP address to a different location, they need a VPN which is also called Virtual Private Network.  


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