The Best Bike Racks You Need to Buy

Taking care of your bike is extremely important when you want to retain its shelf life; other than that, selecting a rack that serves your purpose well will also require some extensive research. For that, you need to consider your bike, the number of bikes you’ll be stacking, and also how much you look forward to spending as well.

From Racks Unlimited, you will be getting a wide range of bike racks made out of extremely tough material guided with multiple high-class features which are made to keep your bike safe from any unprecedented situations.

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They have carried out extensive planning and implementation of multiple innovative ideas to come up with amazing quality bike racks, which will be worth every penny you invest in them.

Depending on your requirements and budget, you will be getting many options to choose from. Here is a list of the best bike racks from the team of Racks Unlimited.


This is a hanging hitch bike rack of extremely superior quality that comes with multiple size options to fulfil the requirements of two people or even a whole family. It will keep your bikes safe while transporting them all due to the presence of 7” space between each bike. It comes with a ratcheting cradle strap to keep the bikes secured in place. Other than that, it comes with a comprehensive foldable design, easy to carry features, and simple installation properties as well. It can take up to 4 bikes, and the load capacity is 68kgs.

Price: $549.95


This can easily transport a maximum of 4 bikes and also comes with anti-sway cradles as well. This helps in preventing contact between bikes from stopping scratching from happening. It also comes with a comprehensive foldable design and can easily carry up to 32lbs.

Price: $199.00

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This can also transport a maximum of 4 bikes and comes with anti-sway cradles to prevent bikes from clashing with each other. It comes with a new comprehensive foldable design for compact travelling and possesses an integrated locking system as well. This rack can hold a maximum load of 35lbs per bike.

Price: $272.50


This is perfect for carrying when going on a cycling expedition with your friends or family. It comes with an adjustable front tire cradle to keep the bikes safe from falling off, and it also possesses entirely integrated cable locks to save you from investing in external locks. This is also Trail Doc compatible and comes with a front tire ratchet design as well. Other than that, you will be getting rear tire straps as well, and premium water transferred logos as well. This bike rack can take up to 4 bicycles, weighing a maximum of 40 pounds. It can easily hold tires that are 4.8″, and you can effortlessly make it adaptable for carrying four bikes from 2 bikes.

Price: 819.00