The Basics of GogoPDF: Converting Excel to PDF for Free

Portable document format or PDF has increasing popularity among students, professors, and business people. It is an important type of document to send and present information. It is superior compared to other file formats because of its ability to preserve the formatting of the original document. For this reason, you might want to convert your Excel file to PDF before sending it to your boss. If you will not do this, the receiver will find it hard to scroll through the file and read its content. 

Give GogoPDF a try if you want to convert an Excel spreadsheet to PDF. It offers a fast and easy process of changing the file format of your document. It is contrary to popular belief that the conversion process is difficult and time-consuming. Keep reading to know more about this multipurpose online tool. After knowing the ins and outs of the website, decide for yourself if it’s worth using.

Differences in Excel and PDF formats

Before you undergo your documents in the process of conversion, you should know first the differences between the two file formats. In this way, you will have a better grasp of their functions and benefits. Besides that, this knowledge will allow you to pinpoint situations when you need to convert XLS to PDF

What does Excel offer to its users?

Financial statements and statistical analysis are best performed using Excel format. It is unique among other types of documents because it can perform mathematical calculations. It saves you from the tedious process of solving manually. You only need to input the formula on the designated box to get the answer to the problem. Aside from that, you can also use various charts and graphs to present your data more comprehensively. 

What does PDF offer to its users?

Whenever you create a document related to work, you will eventually need to send it to your colleagues. The most suggested file format to use when sharing a file online is PDF. It does not alter the way you position the texts, graphs, charts, and photos. Even the font style and size are the same as the original document. It means that the receiver can view the file the same way you did. In this way, he can read the document without inconveniences. 

This file format is not just for reading purposes. It will also allow you to input minor information, such as your name and address, and signature. 

Steps to convert Excel spreadsheet to PDF using GogoPDF

Since you now know the perks and benefits of each file format, let’s proceed to the conversion process. Before you can convert documents, your first need to secure yourself with a device, working browser, and a stable internet connection. Only after you satisfy these key requirements you can access the website. When you click the Excel to PDF option, it will redirect you to the converter tool.

Step 1.Upload the Microsoft Excel on the website

Make the file available on the website by dragging and dropping it on the toolbox. If it is impossible for you to do this, you can click the select files button instead. It will allow you to browse the document you want to convert from your local storage. 

Step 2. The conversion process will start

After you successfully upload the Microsoft Excel, the converter tool will analyze the process. If it recognizes it as an Excel document, the conversion will immediately start. Pay attention to your screen because the new version of the file will appear within a minute. However, if you have an unstable internet connection, the process might be longer than usual.

Step 3. Download the PDF

Click the download button to have a copy of the PDF on your device. Downloading it as soon as it becomes available is necessary because the server will delete it after 60 minutes. Aside from that, you can view a downloaded file whenever you want.

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Why choose GogoPDF to convert documents? 

GogoPDF is the best tool to use when converting documents. It offers a lot of highly functional services. One of the most sought after is its converter. You’ll love how reliable and accessible it can get. You can use it any time of the day as long as you have a device connected to a stable internet. There is no need to install software or application just to utilize its converter tool.

You will not regret using the website because it meets the highest standards of users when it comes to quality. You will find out that the PDF looks the same as its Excel counterpart. 

The website strives to provide a safe experience for every user. That is why it uses SSL encryption technology to prevent hackers from accessing your documents. 

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In Conclusion

Working with numerous digital documents can be overwhelming sometimes. You can face burnout if you fail to use GogoPDF. Access it now to lessen the burden you carry because of your heavy workload!