Take your Dukaan Global, Sell Online Today


To grow your business – take your Dukaan online.  Set foot in the online business world and multiply your earnings. This article will help you to get a sneak peek of business online.

After the covid-19 pandemic, It is difficult to believe that there were drastic changes in the economy of the country, mainly when it comes to retail businesses and independent local businesses. Many small scale businesses are even closed down, and people are battling to survive. And on the other hand, consumers are showing more interest in the exciting discounts on the internet for the last two decades. In addition to that, nowadays, mobile phones and mobile data are also accessible at lower prices in almost all the smart cities and popular parts of the country. So, local business persons feel more unsettled and are rushing to take dukaan online. You can also reach out to some online selling business app for your expansion.

Here are the following steps you should follow to expand your business by way of taking your Dukan global : 

  • Develop your own game plan as per your requirement

 Strategy is a game plan of management used to reach customers effectively and thereby successfully completing with the competitors. In order to formulate a strategy for going global, it requires some higher kind of planning and analysis of the market. You should also consider some factors such as customs duties and logistics to expand your business. Nowadays, there are many quick and easy ways to expand your business. 

  • Choosing the product you are interested in selling.

 Even if you are strong enough that this product can sell well on the export market, you should have an expert opinion in choosing the export market and product. It is also important to develop a domestic market before planning for an overseas market.

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  • Plan for export must be developed.

A basic guide to exporting is an export plan developed by the government to help the people in the export business. This includes a total of eleven questions which are questions generally raised by exporters in understanding the export plan process. By getting answers to this question, exporters can get a better view from licensing details of products to the pricing strategies of product and logistics.

  • Run a Market Analysis

You can choose the area where your product has a high market either by conducting your own research or relying on secondary data sources through analysis of the market. You should also check price competitiveness,  distribution channels of good potential, taxes or regulations etc.

  • Find export markets that are capable of having estimated potential

 It is important to estimate the opportunities you have in finding potential export markets. Segmentation of market can have a brief idea about the number of potential customers you have in that export place and more briefly ways to reach them.

Mobile technology and the use of different online apps also improve the approach to online stores, and brand loyalty can also be built. The only main thing that online stores promote much is asking consumers to install the apps. Also, when coming to advertising,  social media is a game-changer. You can also use various modes such as visuals, audio, text to promote your products. There are different online apps available in the play store to manage your business online and make your own money.

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Some final thoughts:

There are many advantages of making your Dukan global and selling online today. Some of them are lower set up and running costs that can be operated from anywhere, no time restrictions, more measurable than offline sale approaches, higher margins and better cash flow. You can download hajri book app from the play store for the better carrying of your business.