Surrogate mother cost in the USA and some incredible services the clinic offers the couple

Surrogacy has been debated for quite some time. It is due to the inability of many couples who can not produce a biological child of their own. Surrogacy helps such people in many ways. Surrogacy clinics are present in many countries. In some countries, surrogacy is officially allowed, while not allowed in some countries. However, in free countries, surrogacy is permitted when it’s not done for commercial purposes. At the same time, there are some countries where there is no law on surrogacy, and there is a guarantee for the procedure to be successful.You can read more about clinics here or get information below.

The Feskov fertility clinic helps people fulfill their dream. Even more, there are many services that the clinic offers. It depends on the couple choosing the service, keeping in mind their budget.

Moreover, surrogates from Ukraine are very popular. The country is cheap and offers surrogacy services at a very low cost. Hence, people from European countries choose Ukraine for surrogacy. Also, Ukraine is the hub of surrogacy and surrogate mothers. 

The Feskov fertility clinic guarantees the birth of a healthy child. Furthermore, there are 18,000 healthy children born through the Feskov fertility clinic. Even more, these children live in 52 countries.

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Cost of surrogacy in the USA

Surrogacy in the USA is expensive as compared to other countries. But, you get incredibly special procedures with all the care and proper documentation. A comfort guarantee is promised for the birth of the child. Moreover, there are unlimited IVF attempts which also include preimplantation genetic diagnosis with limited risk coverage. The price of service kosten leihmutter usa is approximately 89,000€.

Services for surrogacy in the USA

Following are the services that the couples can get if they opt for surrogacy in the USA:

●  Preparation of SSN and passport if the newborn child

●  Multiple IVF attempts

●  Guaranteed pregnancy

●  Complete legal support

Pregnancy support

●  The clinics support pregnant women and ensure medical supervision in Ukraine. Also, the clinic bears the travel expenses and accommodation of the surrogate mother.

●  Assists the pregnant women till the last moment with complete medical supervision and surety of childbirth in the USA

●  Financially compensate the surrogate mother for the procedure of embryo transfer to signing the agreement

●  Do not charge an additional payment for IVF treatment for abortion in the 28th week of pregnancy.

Legal support in the USA

One gets complete legal support in the USA, and it includes the following:

●  Completion of documents for the newborn such as passport and birth certificate

●  Helps US genetic parents with different services until their baby is home

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Surrogacy in the USA is expensive, without a doubt. The intended couple has to pay additional dollars for the entire procedure. It is due to the complete procedure they provide and assist the pregnant women till the end of the delivery. Also, the clinic is liable for preparing important documents like the birth certificate and passport of the newborn child. All this makes the surrogate mother cost in the USA reach up to 89,000€.

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