Risk Factors to Avoid While Trading in Cryptocurrency

Undoubtedly, crypto is the most attractive investment vehicle for experienced and inexperienced investors worldwide. The underlying reason for this is that it is a blockchain-based business approach that defies traditional investment patterns.

People are passionately supporting it. It’s no surprise that there are over 10,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation today, along with hundreds of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. So, the hysteria is absolute. However, the crypto fever is harmful to those who trade without caution. Let’s understand how.

Crypto Risks for Investors

Regardless of how lucrative this asset class seems, it is fraught with several risks. If you do not evaluate these risks and develop a safe crypto trading plan, the market will quickly toss you out.

You will incur a loss, maybe more than you can sustain. To prevent these, familiarize yourself with the risks listed below to make sound crypto trading decisions.

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The blatant jaw-dropping price volatility is the most significant risk element you must deal with when investing in cryptocurrency. It will be alarming if you store digital currencies for a lengthy period to profit, but their value lowers dramatically and may never rise.

It’s no surprise that such price whiplash discourages newcomers from entering the crypto market, and who can blame them? There are many instances of the price of digital tokens touching the sky and dropping to the ground frequently. Let’s take the example of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s price dropped to less than 50% of its all-time peak of $63,000 in late May 2021. It ended in crashing the whole cryptocurrency market. Then, Bitcoin’s price recovered about $20,000 of those losses the following August. For a good sense, you can check Bitcoin’s price volatility chart.

The price swings of digital coins are caused by various factors, ranging from a tweet from a well-known personality to federal laws. You must thus research the currency you desire to invest in before putting your hard-earned money into it.

Cyber Crimes

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized investment option. There is a great deal of online reliance and confidentiality. Hence, it appeals more to cybercriminals. Digital coins are stored online in crypto wallets. Investors trade them through cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

No matter how secure these platforms and wallets are, cybercriminals are sophisticated enough to gain access to them using phishing tactics. Many cases of such malicious activity have been reported worldwide, robbing investors of millions worth of crypto coins.

When a significant volume of crypto coins is stolen, the node count drops, causing the price to plummet. To minimize crypto cyber threats, you must implement stringent internet security.

To minimize risk to a greater extent, prefer trading platforms offering the highest level of security. You can consider OKX because it provides strong cybersecurity and additional perks such as ease of access, transparency, and a boatload of features that make trading easy and quick.

Moreover, stay current on the emerging crypto risks. Such understanding will assist you in putting in place measures that successfully rule them out. You can better safeguard your crypto holdings and wallets.


The absence of a trustworthy third-party organization is desirable since no one can restrict or demand unnecessary fees. However, such a lack of engagement may be troublesome when things go haywire.

Let’s use a bank as an example. When you make an online payment, the bank backs it up and acts as a middleman. If there is an issue with a transfer, such as money being debited from your account but not credited to the opposing party’s account, the bank will assist you in resolving it.

Since crypto transactions are decentralized, no one can back you up and settle your issues, especially legal conflicts. The underlying reason for such a lack of assistance is crypto’s decentralized structure, making it hard to trace the party to register a claim with.

Trading cryptos on reliable crypto exchanges like OKX might help alleviate some of the tension. It provides excellent customer service. It also helps with practically every difficulty you may have during crypto trading. That is the only method to prevent this risk.

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These are the most significant crypto trading risks. Similarly, there are risks associated with peer-to-peer deals, such as a buyer declining to pay for crypto acquired, a seller refusing to deliver tokens for money received, human mistakes while converting crypto to fiat, etc. Again, this P2P risk may be avoided if you trade on a trustworthy exchange that only allows trade when the buyer pays and the seller gets receipts.

Trade with caution and responsibility while investing in digital coins. Always stay updated on federal rules, educate yourself on the crypto world, avoid bogus exchange platforms, and steer clear of scam artists.