Pro Kabaddi Winners Teams | List of Pro Kabaddi Winner Teams

Pro Kabaddi Winners Teams
Pro Kabaddi Winners Teams

Today we are going to tell you about the Pro Kabaddi Winners Teams. Kabaddi is the most played sport in the Indian subcontinent. Kabaddi is a sport played in the greater village of India. People’s interest in it is increasing.

The introduction of Pro Kabaddi League inside Pro Kabaddi has increased the interest of people inside Kabaddi. A professional kabaddi league in India is based on the IPL tournament festival. Pro Kabaddi debuted in 2014.

Eight franchises took part in it, who made their own teams by purchasing kabaddi players. Which consisted of 8 teams. All the franchises of these eight teams bought the players by paying huge amount and gave a place in their team. Pro Kabaddi 2014 was the first season. There are two 20-20 minute halves inside Pro Kabaddi.

Earlier there was very little interest towards Kabaddi in India, but after the arrival of Pro Kabaddi, there has been a lot of interest among people. It is conducted like IPL in India. People take great advantage of it.

There have been 7 seasons in Pro Kabaddi so far. Patna Pilot has won the most number of times in this. Today we will give you information about the Pro Kabaddi winning team and the list of Pro Kabaddi Winners Teams will also be provided.

List of Pro Kabaddi Winners Teams:

You know about the Pro Kabaddi League to be held in India. It is seen like the IPL in Pro Kabaddi. Pro Kabaddi is emerging as the largest league of kabaddi in India. In Pro Kabaddi, players are coming out of small villages from India.

Who played an important role in winning his team with his performance and he has also made a place in the hearts of the audience. Apart from India, Pro Kabaddi players from abroad also participate. And spectators from abroad also come to see the Pro Kabaddi League.

Pro Kabaddi has given Kabaddi a new identity. Today we are giving you the list of winning teams in Pro Kabaddi. Which team has won the league in which season. All this information is given in this list.

List of Pro Kabaddi Winners Teams

1.2014Jaipur Pink PanthersU Mumba
2.2015U MumbaBenguluru Bulls
3.2016 (jan)Patna PiratesU Mumba
4.2016 (june)Patna PiratesJaipur Pink Panthers
5.2017Patna PiratesGujarat Fortune Giants
6.2018Bengaluru BullsGujarat Fortune Giants
7.2019Bengal WarriorsDabang Delhi

Pro Kabaddi Winners Teams Reaviw:

Now we will give you a review of the winning team in Pro Kabaddi League. Earlier, we told you about Kabaddi above, how interested in Kabaddi in India is and what it is about. We have given you a list of Pro Kabaddi Winners Teams above

which you are giving all the information about the season of the winning teams and against which team they have succeeded in winning this league. We will give you a review of the winning team in the Pro Kabaddi Winners Teams League below.

1. Jaipur Pink Panthers (2014)


TeamJaipur Pink PanthersU Mumba

We are talking about the winner team in Pro Kabaddi played in Pro Kabaddi League 2014 for the first time. Eight teams participated in the 2014 Pro Kabaddi League. Out of which 2 teams Jaipur Pink Panther and U Mumba were successful in the final.

There was a tough competition between the two, in which Jaipur Pink Panther scored 35 points and U Mumba scored 24 points. The final match of Pro Kabaddi 2014 was won by Jaipur Pink Panther. Mahendra Singh has taken 130 red points from Jaipur Pink Panthers this season. And from U Mumba, Anup Kumar played the role of the most successful raider with 155 red points.

Talking about the difference of both the teams, Rohit Rana took 38 differential points from Jaipur Pink Panther and Pro Kabaddi from U Mumba managed to get the maximum of 51 difference points in the 2014 season, thus the players of both teams Well done to his own team.

2. U Mumba (2015)


TeamU MumbaBengaluru Bulls

The final match of Pro Kabaddi 2015 was played in Mumbai. Pro Kabaddi managed to reach U Mumba and Bengaluru Bulls in the final match of 2015. In the final played between U Mumba and Bangalore Bulls, U Mumba managed to take 36 points and Bengaluru Bulls 30 points in this match. Due to which U Mumba managed to win the final match. He won the 2015 Pro Kabaddi League title.

U Mumba had the highest number of red points by Anup Kumar with 74 red points and for Bengaluru Bulls Ajay Thakur managed to get 79 red points in the season 2015 Pro Kabaddi. Talking about the defender of these two, U Mumba’s Mohit Chillar took 42 points for the most team and Dharmaraj from Bangalore was able to take 42 defender points. Thus, Pro Kabaddi managed to win the title by winning the 2015 final match U Mumba.

3. Patna Pirates (2016-16,2017)

FINAL MATCH (2016)jan

TeamU MumbaPatna Pirates

The final match was played in Delhi. This Patna Pilot and U Mumba team managed to make it to the January 2016 Pro Kabaddi final. In this final match, Patna Pirates defeated U Mumba 31-28 and won the trophy by winning the final match of Pro Kabaddi 2016.

The most red point from Patna Pirates was 116 red points by Pradeep Narwal and Rishank Devadiga from U Mumba took 106 red points in Pro Kabaddi 2016 season. Talking about the defender, Manjeet Chillar from Patna Pirates got the most 61 points and Manjit Chillar from U Mumba brought 46 defense points. Thus,Patna Pirates defeated U Mumba to win the Pro Kabaddi Winners Teams 2016 title.

FINAL MATCH(2016) jun

Patna Pirates Won


TeamPatna PiratesGujarat Fortunegiants

The final match of Pro Kabaddi 2017 was played in Chennai. In the final of this league, Gujarat managed to go to Fortunegiants and Patna Pirates. A tough fight was witnessed between these two teams.

In which Patna Pirates defeated Gujarat Fortunegiants 37-55. The most red point for Patna Pilot was Pradeep Narwal who took 369 red points, thus winning the final match of Pro Kabaddi 2017 by Patna Pirates to win the title.

4. Bengaluru Bulls (2018)


TeamGujarat FortunegiantsBengaluru Bulls

The final match of Pro Kabaddi 2018 was played at SVP Stadium Mumbai. In the final of this league, Bengaluru Bulls and Gujarat Fortunegiants managed to go. In which Bengaluru Bulls managed to win the final match of Pro Kabaddi 2018 by defeating Gujarat Fortunegiants by 36-33 points.

Bengaluru Bulls took the most red points from Pawan Sehrawat with 271 red points and Parvesh Bhainswal in defender from Gujarat Fortunegiants for tackal points, thus Bengaluru Bulls defeated Gujarat Fortunegiants to clinch the Pro Kabaddi 2018 title.

5. Bengal Warriors (2019)


TeamBengal WarriorsDabang Delhi

The final match of Pro Kabaddi 2019 was played on 19 October. Dabang Delhi reached the final of Pro Kabaddi 2019, Bengal Warriors. A tough fight was witnessed between these two. In the final of Pro Kabaddi 2019, Bengal Warriors defeated Dabang Delhi by 34 -39 points and won the title by winning the final match of Pro Kabaddi 2019.

Dabang Delhi had the most red points by Naveen Kumar taking 301 red points. On behalf of Bengal Warriors, Pro Kabaddi Pawan Sehrawat made 205 red points in the 2019 season. We talking about the defender of both these teams, Baldev Singh took 66 defenders points from Bengal Warriors. Thus Bengal Warriors defeated Dabang Delhi in the final match and won the Pro Kabaddi 2019 title.

Kabaddi Rules and Regulations

My Opinion-

Today we have told you about the winning team of the season of Pro Kabaddi Winners Teams. Which team has won the title of Pro Kabaddi League, we have given you all this information in our block. Pro Kabaddi is considered the largest league of kabaddi in India.

With the arrival of this league, Kabaddi has got a new identity in the field of Kabaddi. In future, we will get to see good matches in Pro Kabaddi. With which we will be able to enjoy Kabaddi to the fullest, we have given you the list ofPro Kabaddi Winners Teams. You have liked this information.

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