Pink Supermoon 2021: What To Know About The Super Pink Moon On April 27th

by Shaista Shaikh
Pink Supermoon 2021

The full moon during the month of April 2021 is a supermoon. In addition to being a bright luminary in the night sky, this supermoon is in Scorpio. Discover the astrological significance of the Super Pink Moon on Tuesday, April 27. Consider scheduling psychic readings with California Psychics and pursuing personal and spiritual growth.

The April Full Moon Is a Pink Moon

The farmer’s almanac name for the full moon in April is a Pink Moon. This name does not refer to the color of the moon, but the flowering plants herb moss pink or wild ground phlox. Other names for the full moon in April are the Egg Moon, Full Fish Moon or Full Sprouting Grass Moon.

This April, the full moon is considered a supermoon because it is in perigee, or close proximity to Earth in its elliptical orbit. As a result, the moon will appear larger and brighter than an ordinary full moon on April 27.  During May, the moon will move from its farthest apogee of 2021 on May 11 toward perigee on May 26. The Super Flower Moon visible on this date is the biggest and brightest supermoon this year.

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A Pink Supermoon In Scorpio

The astrological implications of the Pink supermoon in Scorpio on April 27 bear close consideration. The Super Pink Moon aspects Uranus and is influenced by the conjunction of Venus with Uranus in Taurus. The energy that emerges from this configuration is ready, if also reluctant, to sustain growth. The specific effects of this lunar opposition on your personality and life path may vary based on your natal chart.

You can gain greater insight into the specific effects of the Super Pink Moon and other planetary conjunctions on your astrological sign by reading your free daily horoscope. For more specific insight, arrange for a tarot card or psychic reading based in astrology to guide you through this potentially tumultuous time.

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The Power of a Super Pink Moon

The energies that wax with the full moon at the end of April can be powerful. In 2021, the annual zodiacal transition from Aries to Taurus coincides with the Moon being close to the earth in its elliptical orbit.

There are a total of four supermoons in 2021 on March 28, April 27, May 26 and June 24. The Super Pink Moon is the second luminary event in this series. The upcoming Super Flower Moon in May coincides with a total lunar eclipse visible in Australia and the appearance of a copper-colored blood moon that can also be seen in western regions of North and South America and Southeast Asia.

A little advance planning can enable you to make the most of the opportunity for growth signaled by a Pink supermoon. You may be able to see the Super Pink Moon between 7:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time and 6:30 a.m. EDT on April 27. The supermoon will reach peak illumination around 11:33 p.m. EDT on the night of April 26, 2021.

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