Patio Covers Los Angeles: Different Patio Shades

Sunbath sounds okay but, not in hot summers. It is not a great idea to let the sunlight shower you in the backyard or patio. None of you will agree to bear hot UV rays. So, don’t you want to search for the solutions? What do you think it could be? Is it worth replacing the window panes with steel windows blocking the sun rays coming inside? It will make your home look ugly and outdated. 

Don’t mess up with the design and try effective hacks. The perfect hack for this is using patio covers Los Angeles. Yeah! You heard it right. Outdoor shades will save your summer season enjoyments. You will enjoy the most flexibility in experiencing fresh air and outdoor fun activities.

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How do Outdoor Shades protect indoors from the blazing heat of the sun? 

You can’t control the sun, but you can regulate sun heat entering the backyard or patio. Using patio shades, you manage to allow the least required heat to touch the indoors and room temperature stays around the normal degrees. 

Your outdoor shades are characterized to resist heat and allow only light to pass in. The material used in exterior shades is usually PVC and some other heavy-duty stuff. This combination is strong enough to tolerate sun heat and prevent fading. You may install patio shades in seating areas. 

Are Patio Shades Transparent?

Are you worried that by installing patio shades, you will be blind to the outside world? No, it will not happen. Instead, you will be able to see outside. I should mention here that it is totally up to you how much transparency you require. Accordingly, you will choose the patio shades. It is the fabric that varies the transparency ratio. The less the %age, the less transparent are the patio shades. 

Consider this example, ‘The patio shade with 5% will allow 5% transparency only and the shade with 20% will block 80% of the light from passing through the shades’. So, you should choose the shade with 20% to enjoy a transparent outside view. It is recommended to purchase patio shades of dark colors. The reason is that they allow a more transparent view of the outside than patio shades of light colors. 

At night, lightning inside the patio will increase the transparency for the outdoor individuals to interfere with your privacy. 

Types of Patio Shades

Depending on the needs and features, there are several types of Patio shades introduced in the market. Let’s explore two of them briefly in the following paragraphs. 

Motorized Patio Shades

It is annoying for many to drag the shades on and off to adjust them. Such people are in great need of remote access to control shades while sitting in the corner. Here, we recommend motorized Patio shades. As the name suggests, you can access it remotely with a single tap. Whatever position you prefer, adjust accordingly through the associated application software. 

It benefits homeowners in multiple ways. Among all, they stay relaxed concerning the comfortability of family and friends at home. You can also order customized motorized patio shades as per the structure of the house and other requirements. 

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Waterproof Patio Shades

It’s awful when you arrange an entertaining night with friends and family at your patio and then suddenly rain ruins it all. To avoid such incidents, install waterproof patio shades. Find the best-suited design, install it in the house, and prevent future rains from destroying your pleasing events at the patio. 

Take away!!

Motorized and Waterproof shades are not the only types. There are other ranges available as well including, exterior roller shades and overhead patio shades. All the types of patio shades come with custom designs and, we recommend opting for customized shades.