Make Your Own Success

Waking up early (even before the birds have begun to stretch their wings) and feeling refreshed and awake is one of life’s greatest joys, you have the confidence to tackle any challenge the day holds for you and this is when the magic happens. 

A good rest the night before helps with the situation, of course, but paired with a strong quality coffee, a good insight of what you want to achieve for the day and you can be unstoppable. They say that waking up and having a mind full of ideas is a window to your potential, writing those points down whether they are good or bad or if even only one makes sense by the end of the week will help you to filter what you want out of life, out of that day’s tasks, and how best to go about them. 

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If you have ever woken up before anyone else in the house and even went to fetch the morning newspaper from the front porch you will know how satisfying that crisp morning air can awaken your soul and senses. This is the quality of life you should strive to achieve every day forever. Life is too short to live on the fence, simply going about your daily routines with no ambitions to be the best. No thank you.

Morning Dew

If you are a morning person like many of us are then half the battle is already won. You already have a great attitude when you open your eyes, now all you need to do is to hone in on that emotion and make it work for you. What you need to establish is the best morning routine for success and you will be living the greatest life that you deserve.

Then there is the rest of the family who enjoys a good old lie-in and wakes up when you are on your second cup of coffee already, there are some of those in my household so I am very familiar, but I have noticed a change. Your other half may be trying to get up with you but struggling or not enjoying it even half as much as you do being alive so early in the day, but if they seem eager there are things you and they could do to get the ball rolling and ideally make the change that much easier.

Let’s look at some tried and tested tips that have proven successful to help you begin your morning adventures more efficiently and effectively. 

  • Time – Think about what needs to be done in the evenings as well as first things in the morning, how much time you need to complete essential habits, based on these make a metal note, set an alarm, or write down on a visible paper the times you will stick as close to as possible for going to bed and waking up. This way you begin to set up a routine for your body clock and these winding down sessions and early risings will become second nature.
  • Anti-snooze – This is most probably the best and worst invention of the modern-day alarm clock, but you need to try with all your might to not hit the snooze button. Your mind can’t wake up, your body clock is thrown off course, and it will only make things more difficult to adjust to long term.
  • Moving – I try to instill this in my children because if you have ever tried to wake up a child for school then you will know all too well how real the struggle is. You need to get out of bed the minute the alarm sounds and begin moving to wake up the muscles and joints. Go to the bathroom downstairs, wash your face and brush your teeth, after that it will be tough to go back to bed.

For some people, it comes easier and that’s perfectly fine, but this doesn’t mean to say that if it is proving tricky that you will never be a morning person. The fact that you are making it a habit of effort is a success in itself, and to make a change you have to do something you haven’t always done, right? You can look here for some tips that may help you along your journey, and the more information the better when it comes to learning or practicing a new skill. 

  • Water – A cold glass of water is one of the easiest ways to awaken the senses ready for the day, you feel rejuvenated, and quenching any onset of dehydration felt through the night will keep your energy levels up. Pair your water with a hearty breakfast and the day will be yours to cease.
  • Technology – Try to avoid your phone unless it is essential, keep your mind calm and clear of news, facts, and life, in general, until you get to work. Put on the radio instead of the TV, listen to a podcast or audiobook on the car ride to work, it wakes up a different part of the brain, and this way you have all guns blazing when you see the deadlines that need to be met by end of the day as you step into the office.

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A Final Say

Like with all things it takes time, commitment, and dedication. Having a goal to focus on helps but a good mental attitude to make a change for the better is what will drive it home, and it starts with a great morning. 

One step at a time is all you need to consider in the beginning, and as it becomes easier you can incorporate more elements. Waking up even half an hour earlier to go for a walk will do wonders, click here for an irresistible playlist that your legs and feet won’t be able to ignore and get the blood flowing whilst feeling the morning air caress your face. 

You can do anything you put your mind to, and when that turns into a success for you, you will know it was all worth it.