Make Boston Your Number One Travel Destination for 2022


The new year brings so many new and exciting things to look forward to. New resolutions for your health, new opportunities in your professional life, and maybe even new love in your personal! Another thing the new year brings you – is the chance to explore places you’ve never been and knock items off your bucket list. 

If you are in the process of mapping out your travel adventures for 2022, here are some of the top reasons why you need to make Boston your number one destination! 

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The History of Boston

The most appealing aspect of visiting Boston is undeniably its rich history. Located in New England, the capital of Massachusets is at the heart of so much of the early history of the United States of America. This city was home to important events such as the Boston Massacre, and the Boston Tea Party. 

Not only that but Boston is also the birthplace of American President John F. Kennedy. It is also the location of the world-famous Boston marathon along with the location of the United State’s first-ever subway system, along with being the location of the first public Library.

But what do you do while you are in Boston and why is it worth your time and resources to visit? Just because it has a rich historic significance doesn’t mean that it’s going to be inherently pleasant to visit. Well, the good news is that the city itself is a beautiful, vibrant experience built right next to the Atlantic ocean with loads of good food, outdoor parks, museums, and more to explore! 

A Walking City

Boston has a plethora of nicknames from the Bean town – famous for its inhabitants that loved to eat beans, baked in molasses, all the way to the ‘The Walking City’. While Boston is no longer known for its love of beans, it is still largely advantageous to walk in. Actually, it is considered the third most walkable city in the United States and this is due to its packed infrastructure. 

Boston itself has 23 unique neighborhoods, so it has a fairly large amount of character throughout the entire city.  Boston is largely seventeen percent green space as well, meaning that at any point in time you are never more than a half-mile from some kind of public park. 

Following typical New England weather patterns, the city is an absolute delight to explore on foot during the warmer months of the Spring or the early, transitionary days of the Fall.

The Freedom Trail

The most iconic and well-visited landmark in Boston is the famous Freedom Trail. This free, public trail is two and a half miles long and passes by 16 of the most iconic and historic sites in Boston. This path is beautifully maintained and marked by red brick and is the best way to experience Boston for the first time. 

On the Freedom Trail not only will you walk through large portions of Boston and get a chance to take in the city in one leisurely stroll. You’ll also see sites such as the Paul Revere home (one of the few sites that will charge admission to tour), the USS Consitution, Boston Latin School (site of the famous Benjamin Fraklin statue), and much more. 

The Food!

Yes, the American culture, history, and art are all worth traveling to Boston for in 2022, but so is the local cuisine! With New England staples being at their peak in Boston, you can’t go to this city without trying authentic Boston clam chowder or the famous Boston cream pies! 

Other dishes like lobster rolls, cannolis, franks, and oysters are part of signature Boston cuisine that the locals take great pride in. Whether you stop at one of the Michelin-starred Restaurants or visit a local pub, make sure and keep your eye out for these specific dishes to get your true Boston experience! 

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Let’s Go Red Sox!

The famous Fenway baseball park, built-in 1912 is a must-see for any fans of major league baseball. This iconic stadium was one of the first major stadiums in the country and continues to be a sight of pilgrimage for fans every single year! 

Boston is Waiting for You!

Not only is Boston a sitting that is designed to have you walking its streets and enjoying what it has to offer, but with Bounce luggage storage in Boston, you can do so without worrying about your bags or luggage. Whether you need a place to store some bags after shopping, or you want to jump out into the city between flights, finding safe, secure storage is easy with Bounce.  You simply reserve your space, drop off your luggage, and then go explore everything that Boston has to offer!