Learn Everything About The SAP HANA RoadMap

It is relatively easy to understand the roadmap of SAP HANA. Its goal is simple: making the software faster, better, and cheaper alongside promoting its growth globally, even before understanding the roadmap that SAP HANA might have drawn for itself. You should know that SAP HANA has continued to attract multiple businesses and individuals to its software. That day might not be far away when SAP HANA finally reached the height it could have imagined during its initial launch. Interestingly, SAP HANA has yet to set any particular checkpoint that could limit its growth. Moreover, it has left a window for growth opportunities to present itself. Continued planning and tactics are being discussed to make SAP HANA the best cloud-based software ever to grace the market. 

What is SAP HANA?

Moore’s law has been the center of growth that has seen SAP HANA’s capacity multiply through the years. The in-memory computing prowess that SAP HANA has brought forward into the market is mainly known for being cost-effective. After realizing the ability of SAP HANA, people must have thought it difficult to purchase or implement it across their business. However, SAP HANA has continued to falsify those claims by accelerating its data processing capabilities. The large sets of memory SAP HANA has available could help those businesses that couldn’t use their data effectively. 

There are even two separate sets of fragments that SAP HANA has available in its database. Among those is the reader-friendly main fragment that possesses the data that must be changed frequently. At the same time, the smaller writer-friendly DELTA database holds all the data that is recently added to the server. 

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Rectifying the issues of SAP HANA deployment

In this roadmap put forward by SAP HANA, one of the issues it needs to rectify is related to deployment. Here are some of those deployment issues you might face through SAP HANA and probable solutions. 

  • Inconsistent memory

One of the most significant issues users face when using SAP HANA is related to their memory, which is fast but needs to be more consistent. This increases the chances of data getting lost when a reboot occurs throughout the system. That is why, every time SAP HANA instance needs to ensure the data is synchronized accordingly with the disk log. Thus, having the lowest latency possible could improve the performance of your SAP HANA. Moreover, if you can have ultra-low data latency, it is more beneficial. 

  • Database scalability

There are two ways through which a database can be scaled using SAP HANA: scale in and scale out. Regarding the first option, there are plenty of limitations in terms of hardware capability. However, if you go for the scale-out option, it might be relatively cost-effective, although you must sacrifice some of the performance. If you opt for the scale-out option, the pressure on your system automatically increases. Therefore, the number of complex tasks also starts increasing in numbers which need to be sorted out before opting for this option. But if you are looking for the ideal one for your system from SAP HANA, settling for scale-up could be your best option. 

  • Practicing multiple databases

SAP HANA is familiar with integrating multiple databases into a single piece of hardware. This removes the need for having a database for every challenge your software goes through. You can choose the level you require for the SAP HANA system in your database. Here are some options for you, starting from MCOD (Multiple Components in a single database) at an instance or database operating system level. However, before you make a choice, careful consideration must be directed toward the pros and cons of your option. 

Detailed analysis of the improvements coming across SAP HANA

The roadmap SAP HANA might have drawn could provide you with some crucial information on what can be expected. That is why here is a detailed report on SAP HANA, which can help you to have an adequate understanding of this software. 

The speed boost you have seen persist in your hardware is only half the capability that SAP HANA could provide. The continuous development across SAP HANA could be ever more critical for bumping up the speed while using that horsepower for your system applications. SAP is said to be in talks regarding investing a considerable amount to enhance the speed of SAP HANA. It will increase the robustness of the server while the developer tools required for designing them also surge in level. 

Thus, a whole phase of optimization is achieved throughout the SAP HANA network, making it easier to scale up in terms of speed. From now on, organizations can design their required applications in almost half the time. In contrast, the whole SAP HANA has become cheaper than before. 

But when it comes to SAP HANA, it plans to continue innovating only one sector of its platform. It hopes to become more proficient in processing all giant data silos that large companies possess. People, alongside such rapid innovations, could continue using this platform for test-running their applications. The robust network of ISVs allows customers to test their applications; thus, startups consider SAP one of their network operability allies. 

People these days give more emphasis to the future rather than settling for the present. And this makes SAP HANA aligned with your views of yours. Because SAP HANA is not only said to allow, new applications to be built and tested on it. But also allows other users to continue building new applications as per their requirements effectively. Thus, SAP HANA will become a must-have for every other organization functioning globally. It has even started introducing new software like SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP All in One, and many others. This rapid innovation shows SAP HANA is thinking about the future and making great strategizes for improving the whole system of operations. 

If you are talking about the timeline, SAP HANA has yet to leave that part of the equation. Real-time data processing is one of those targets that SAP HANA seeks to accomplish within a few faithful years. However, this innovation is rushing compared to all others. With each day passing, the timeline is coming near without showing any possible signs of slowing down. 

There are talks to replace the whole database concept from SAP HANA to change how applications are tested on its software. But making this possible is challenging as SAP HANA needs to battle the I/O bottleneck, which is protecting those databases. The databases are known for being associated with many data redundancy codes that jam the system. These are only some of the problems that SAP HANA faces when anyone tries to complete some operations through them. Therefore, all such problems limit the growth of SAP HANA; thus, every one of them needs to be practically removed from the servers. 

The primary effort of renovating SAP HANA applications has always been combined with streamlining its servers. There is a lot of data congestion inside the SAP HANA system that needs to be cleaned regularly, or else it could limit its operability. In such cases, the engineers help SAP HANA achieve those goals. The engineers are the ones who have all ideas in their minds as they have been associated with such applications major part of their lives. They can easily assume and recommend which improvements your SAP HANA application needs to go through. Moreover, all the responsibilities, from calculations to resources, could be given to the hands of SAP HANA engineers. 

This will improve the flexibility across SAP HANA, giving its customers a platform to enjoy its capabilities truly. Thus, all the investment which might have gone towards creating this roadmap for SAP HANA could be worth it. If, in the end, your customers are satisfied with the innovations. 

Lastly, there is a cultural reset that needs to happen all across the SAP HANA platform. Returning to the drawing board and analyzing the capability of SAP HANA could provide you with the bigger picture. All new ideas need to be generated, which will motivate the majority of businesses to invest in SAP HANA. The SAP HANA is en route towards revolutionizing the thoughts surrounding SAP solutions. This roadmap will surely take SAP HANA to those levels the software might not have experienced in its lifetime. More customers would start flocking to this software to integrate it as quickly as possible in their company’s operations. 


This is everything that might be coming across SAP HANA according to the roadmap that is being planned. If all the operations and innovation are able to correctly initiate themselves then it will surely change your business data operating services. Even the cost wouldn’t be as worrying for you as SAP HANA rate of implementation is much lower than all of its previous versions.