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Kho Kho Game Rules and Regulation and Kho Kho Points

Today we are going to talk about Kho Kho Game Rules. If Kho Kho game is called the oldest game in India, it will not be wrong. Kho Kho is played in India from very long time.

But you are playing it all over the world. Kho Kho is as old as the game, it is as fun today. We are going to talk about what rules we should keep in mind while playing Kho Kho game.

The game of Kho Kho was started in 1914 but it took a long time for the rules of Kho Kho game to be made in the twentieth century.

What can a lot of players do to play Kho Kho and then only this game Can be enjoyed? Today we are going to tell you what you have to keep in mind while playing Kho Kho game.

Today we will also talk about the rules of the Kho Kho game and also how it is played correctly. So today you will get to see all the information about the Kho Kho game.

Kho Kho Game Rules

Today we are going to talk about Kho Kho Game Rules. Seeing that Kho Kho game is progressing in this way, it can be said that this game has become a very big game.

In this you should keep in mind Kho Kho Game Rules that you have to play this with full room regulation, so today we will give you Will explain about its properties.

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Kho Kho Game Rules
Kho Kho Game Rules

We are talking about Kho Kho Game Rules. So to play Kho-Kho you will need 11 players, out of which two players will get down to play on the pitch in which 9 players will sit facing each other in opposite direction.

Each team will be given 7 minutes for an innings, in these 7 minutes game, the players have to show their performance. Both teams have to finish their respective team innings in their regular time.

As you all would know, the shape of the Kho Kho game field is rectangular and the length of the ground is 29 meters.

The width of the Kho Kho field is 16 meters and it is in a rectangular group in 2 rows of Kho Kho field.

It is divided into eight, and the number of classes is eight, and to talk about playing kho kho, there are two fairies.

Kho Kho Game Rules –

  • Becoming the runner is decided by Toss.
  • If the chaser touches the runner with the hand, the runner is run out.
  • He cannot rise from his place until the chaser is lost.
  • The chaser has to remember that he cannot run until he has the opening. If he does, he is out.
  • The chaser has to keep in mind that after getting enough, he will run in the opposite direction of the chaser who came.

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Needed to Play Kho-Kho

If you are playing Kho Kho game then Kho Kho Game Rules should be kept in mind. We told you that kho-kho is the oldest game in India.

Now we will tell you what things you need to play kho-kho, if you want to play a game then it is necessary for you to play from They play only after completing the requirements first.

We believe that if you are playing a game, then both the rules and the regulation play a very important role in it.

Without rule regulation you cannot play that game in a manner and its decision will also not be respectable, so we are telling you which one you will need to play kho kho.

  • Poles
  • Lime powder
  • Measuring tape
  • The thread Two rings of 30 cm and 40 cm
  • Stationary to record score
  • Whistle
  • Stop watch
  • The fort

History of Kho Kho

If we talk about the history of Kho Kho, it was first played in 1914. We are also called the oldest game of India and along with the old game of India, it is also considered to be an emerging game.

The history of Kho Kho is so old that it was earlier played only in India but now with the changing times, it is played all over the world.

Kho Kho was an ancient game played in Maharashtra. Was. Earlier this game was known as Ratheda but gradually with the change of time.

Its name also changed, now it is known as Kho Kho. India is a game, but with the changing times, it is spreading its feet.

The Kho Kho game took a long time to get its rules and it got its rules in the twentieth century, now this game is played in its entirety and The name of the organization that controls Kho Kho is Kho Kho Corporation of India.

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Kho Kho Game Rules

How to Play Kho Kho

To play the Kho Kho game, two poles are formed on either side of the ground 1.20 meters.

Between these two, the players are placed at a distance of respect which you call the chaser and the players of the opposite team who move around them.

An active chaser is said to be a runner who is the one who catches them or loses another chaser, then he has to say the word ‘Kho’ aloud if he does not do so.

The national player that unactive changer gets out. In this, if all the players of the runner team are out, then that team is called All Out, after which the second phase starts.

After this, the second team plays after the completion of time, just as the first team played the game, the second team has to play and the team that performs less, loses and the one who performs well wins. .

My Opinion

As we told you, Kho-kho is the oldest khale in India. Earlier it was played in India itself, but now it is played abroad as well, seeing this, you must have understood at what speed Kho Kho is making its place outside India.

Earlier it was played very much in India, but with the changing times, people’s thinking is also changing.

Now people like to watch cricket football but kho-kho is still liked as much as it used to be earlier, but with changing generations, the ways of playing are also changing and this has greatly affected the sports.

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I am Krishna Saini and the founder of Cricfor. Cricfor is Provide for Latest Sports News, Article, Live Score, Match Protection and Teams Lineups, etc.

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