Is It Wise to Hire an Attorney in A Minor Car Accident in Boise?

When people say to keep your lawyer on a speed dial, they are entirely correct in their statement. When it comes to handling the consequences of an accident, one of the most crucial roles, as a professional is of a lawyer. Even though the accident is seemingly trivial, you must keep in mind the future possible consequences.

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As a motorist, you must take care but many times, despite you being careful, the other driver, out of neglect, may hit your vehicle. In such a case, you must exercise your rights. If you are looking for the best Boise car accident lawyerthen you must consider engaging Litster frost Injury Lawyers. 

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They specialize in motor vehicle cases. They have been practicing for more than 40 years and their vast experience makes them the best in their niche. They have recovered more than $200 million for their clients. Besides, then numbers, what makes them the best is that they understand the psychology of a client who has just suffered an accident. 

They help their client seek justice. They offer a free consultation to their clients at the comfort of the home of their client so that the client is not put in an odd position and feel free to talk. There are no strings attached this means that lest the client is not paid, the lawyers will not be paid. They also ensure you that they will get you more cash than the insurance company is already offering you. If they fail to deliver on this promise, you are free to not pay them. 

Should you engage A Car Accident Lawyer for A Minor Accident

Even though there is no need to hire a defence lawyer in case of a minor car accident, it is really difficult to differentiate between a minor accident and a major one just based on the initial visuals. The seemingly trivial accident can have major repercussions in the future. Another misadventure that you can face is the tantrum of the insurance companies. 

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Oftentimes, the insurance companies deny covering the whole expenses incurred by you. This makes the presence of a lawyer immensely important for you to get your well-deserved compensation. If push comes to shove, you must be ready for a strenuous legal battle and that is impossible for you without a lawyer. 


Lawyers play a monumental role in delivering your rights to you. You must engage an excellent lawyer in cases of minor accidents too.