How Vehicle Tracker Devices Enhance Security And Recovery

Purchasing a vehicle for personal or commercial use always gives people a sense of achievement. Also, a car helps make work easier, providing convenience and comfort. Therefore, there’ll be no need to rely on public transportation. 

Furthermore, most cars cause a fortune. Thus, it’s essential that you keep them secure. One way to do this is by attaching vehicle tracker devices such as GPS and cellular trackers to your vehicle. Moreover, if you have a fleet of cars, you could use the fleet management trackers specifically designed for businesses with multiple vehicles.

Below are ways in which vehicle tracker devices enhance the security and recovery of your vehicle. 

  1. Real-Time Location Tracking

Most vehicle tracker devices have real-time location-tracking capabilities, which enable them to be easily retrieved when stolen. Also, some of these tracker devices offer notifications when a certain speed limit is crossed or when a geofenced area is crossed. This promptly alerts the owner, who can then take the necessary action.

In addition, tracker systems for vehicles continuously send location updates to the owner at regular intervals, allowing them to know the vehicle’s location even when not around. You can customize these intervals based on your preferences or the area that you are in.

Therefore, if you want to install a vehicle tracker device, you can do so from RAM tracking, which offers vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions. Hence, you are assured of receiving quality products and services. 

  1. Theft Prevention

One significant way vehicle tracking devices enhance the security and recovery of your vehicle is by preventing theft by acting as a deterrent. When a thief sees that your car is equipped with a tracking device, they are likely not to steal it, as the tracking device means they will get caught.

Besides, some vehicle trackers remotely turn off the engine when they detect unusual behavior or unauthorized car access. Therefore, the thief will not be able to get away with the stolen vehicle. These trackers also send you alerts on your devices whenever an unauthorized person tries to get in your vehicle. 

  1. Geofencing

Geofencing refers to virtual boundaries you create around certain locations using networking technologies such as GPS and RFID (radio frequency identification). So first, you need to define the area where you want to put your virtual boundary. The next step is to ensure that your tracking device has location-tracking capabilities.

 Location tracking is very important as it helps trace the vehicle in case of theft. After that, install triggering actions in the tracker if a geofence is crossed. Some of these actions could include sending alerts to the owner. This feature is particularly important for fleet owners. Therefore, you can install a geofence anywhere, whether it’s your home or workplace, as it also promotes peace of mind.

  1. Vehicle Health Monitoring

As a car owner, it is crucial to know the state of your vehicle to avoid breakdowns. Thus, instead of checking manually or taking it to a mechanic shop every time, you can install a vehicle tracking device. 

Most tracking devices have diagnostic data collection capabilities; therefore, they can interface with vehicle sensors to collect the health data of the car. This includes checking the engine performance, fuel consumption, and tire pressure. Consequently, you will receive an alert when something is wrong, and then you can fix it.

Furthermore, vehicle trackers can generate maintenance reminders based on the car’s activity. This helps avoid any potential breakdown or expensive repairs.

  1. Vehicle Retrieval

Another way vehicle trackers enhance the security and recovery of your vehicle is by making the vehicle retrieval process quicker. According to statistics, only 56.4% of stolen vehicles are recovered. In most cases, cars are likely to get robbed in urban areas, street parking in commercial shopping areas such as malls, and residential areas with minimal security. 

Therefore, if you are a regular in these areas, your car will likely get stolen. However, the retrieval process will be easier if you have a vehicle tracking device. This is due to the real-time tracking abilities of most vehicle trackers. Therefore, if your car gets stolen, you should promptly report it to the authorities and give them the tracking data, increasing the chances of retrieving your vehicle.

  1. Insurance Discounts

Most insurance companies offer premium discounts to customers who have installed tracking devices since it’s an added security feature that prevents theft. Also, tracking devices provide data on the driver’s behavior, such as speed, which is used to assess the risk profile of the vehicle. 

If the driver has responsible driving habits, the insurance company may offer them discounts as the perceived risk of a claim is much lower. Additionally, tracking a stolen vehicle with a tracking device is easier; therefore, insurance companies will give you discounts as the payout will be less as the car will be easily retrieved. 


Tracker devices are essential to help retrieve your car during a theft. This is because they have real-time tracking capabilities, which show the car’s current location. In addition, they also have geo-fencing capabilities that allow them to stay at a specific place. This helps give you peace of mind, especially when dealing with a fleet of vehicles.

Furthermore, vehicle insurance companies will likely give you a discount once they see you have installed a tracking device in your car. This is because a vehicle with a tracking device can be easily retrieved. Therefore, the payout money will be less.

Therefore, you should ensure you have a vehicle tracker device, especially if you live in an urban area or frequent shopping malls, 

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