How To Know The Laws About Stunt Driving In Ontario: A Complete Guide

As the world tries to figure out what to do about the COVID-19 pandemic, something unexpected has happened on the roads of Ontario. Since quarantine and self-isolation measures were implemented, the number of trick-driving events in Toronto has increased by a shocking 200%. With less traffic on the roads, some drivers are treating city streets like Formula-1 racetracks. Another reason the people needed accessible ways to feel adrenaline.This has led to a rise in dangerous and illegal trick driving.

Driving stunts is not only against the law in Ontario but also hazardous. Those caught doing these things face big fines and big problems with their car insurance price. Even though the rule has been around for a long time, many drivers still need to learn what stunt driving is and its consequences. As the number of accidents keeps increasing, it’s important to know what the state is doing to protect neighbourhoods and how you can drive safer.

In answer to rising concerns, the Ontario government passed the MOMS Act, or the Moving Ontarians More Safely Act of 2021. This law has introduced new ways to prevent hazardous driving to secure the roads. If you are found trick driving or street racing, your license will be taken away and your car will be impounded for longer.

Under the new rules, drivers found street racing or doing stunt driving will have their licenses taken away for 30 days and their cars taken away for 14 days. Before, the punishments were a seven-day license suspension and a seven-day vehicle impoundment. Drivers who go more than 40 km/h over the speed limit in places where it stays less than 80 km/h will now be charged with risky driving. The base fine for trick driving is $2,000, and it can go up to $10,000. Also, those who break the law will get six points on their license.

Stunt driving is when you drive too fast, race on the street, compete, or do other dangerous things on a local road or highway in Ontario. Driving carelessly puts other people in danger and comes with harsh fines, even for a first offence. It’s important to remember that speeding is not the only way to do trick driving. Stunt driving is also a charge that can be given to drivers who make illegal or expensive car changes to make them faster or look better.

If you are found guilty of stunt driving ticket ontario, your driver’s license could be taken away for at least one year and up to three years for a first offence, for at least three years and up to 10 years for a second offence, and for life for a third offence, though this could be changed later. If it happens again, the person will be banned for life.

Even though trick ride is against the Highway Traffic Act, most people don’t think of it as a crime. But it’s still a serious charge, and based on what happened, the police can arrest you , you have to pay a fine, and even go to jail.

When cars or motorbikes race on public roads and are against the law, street racing is a popular type of stunt driving in Toronto. If you are found street racing in Toronto, you could be fined up to $2,000 and have your license taken away. This is because street racing is considered risky driving.

A charge of fast driving can cost you more money than just a fine. These include a big rise in the cost of driving, the cost of a lawyer, the cost of taking and impounding your car, and the cost of getting your license back. If your job needs you to drive a car, you could lose your job. Also, if you are charged with trick driving, you will be considered a high-risk driver. This will make your insurance costs go up a lot for a few years and could make it hard to renew your insurance in the future.

In the end, trick driving is a serious crime with harsh penalties. It’s always best to drive safely and follow the rules of the road to keep everyone safe and car insurance rates down in Ontario. Remember that reckless driving is never worth the thrill it gives you. Drive safely and sensibly on the roads.