How to Keep Your Lawn and Pet Doggo Safe at the Same Time?

Taking care of a beautiful lawn is a tricky task for a pet parent. Pet parents must work in their garden area regularly to keep it tidy and their backyard-bounding to keep fur babies safe. Unfortunately, many things go into lawn maintenance activity, like toxic chemical sprays and synthetic fertilisers that increase cancer risks in your pet dogs if ingested in significant quantities. As a pet parent, you may need to replace potentially hazardous items with organic lawn maintenance products in the best interests of your pet dog.

Now, you want to make the outdoors of your home safe for your furry companion to spend time and play around in, don’t you? Using environment-friendly garden nutrients not only works in favour of your lush lawn, it also benefits your doggo’s health and wellness. As you see, it’s a win-win situation! In the meantime, purchase pet health insurance to keep your pet covered for regular health checkups, sickness, and other health emergencies – toxins-related or not. In addition, dog insurance can help your pet with excellent medical help in needy times.

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Create a natural fertiliser that is rich in nitrogen content that you may add to your lawn. You can make organic compost by putting together vegetable scraps, grass clippings, leaves, etc, and allowing them to break down over a period. Since it isn’t hard to get these ingredients, you can do composting throughout the year. This eco-friendly fertiliser can be made in just a few months, beyond which it can be scattered in your lawn area.

Natural sprays

A lot of natural sprays can be concocted by using simple ingredients available in your kitchen at home. For instance, vinegar is acidic and adding it in suitable dilution to your homemade lawn sprays may repel pests and insects that may thrive in your garden area. So, by using a vinegar spray, you can stop these creatures eating away your plants and you will have made the zone safe for your doggo to play too.

Pet safe products

Yes! You did a great job of choosing organic garden use products to upkeep your garden area. You may take another step and choose pet-safe organic items available in the market, so they pose little risk for your delicate pets. Your cheerful dog can now run around the lawn and spend its pent-up energy safely.

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Seaweed is rich in nutrients and is available as a component in many liquid plant sprays. It is ground and sold in the market in powder form, too. So you can buy this nitrogen and phosphorus-rich component and add it to your lawn fertiliser.

Synthetic garden products may pose a significant threat not only to your pet doggo’s health but other creatures too. Therefore, it is always advisable to use natural substitutes; otherwise, your doggo may fall ill because of the ingestion of chemical components.

Pet health insurance may be your best bet in financially challenging times when you have to support your pet with quality medical care but are running short of money. You must know that a dog insurance policy can cost you considerably less compared to the medical bills you may need to pay at once during pet health emergencies. So, buy an affordable policy to help your pet avail appropriate health care services.