How to create films with an online movie maker

by Shaista Shaikh
How to create films with an online movie maker

Creating films has become easier with online movie makers. Online editing tools such as InVideo allow you to create video from just nothing. Online movie maker is equipped with stock footage, templates, royal-free music, graphics, and animations. You can also record videos to make it a one-stop solution. 

Steps to Creating effective Videos with InVideo

Before you start making a video, you must answer a few questions, which in turn help you to promote your videos to the right audience

1. What Is the Purpose of this Video?

Do you need to describe a thing to your audience, or do you want to teach something? Whatever may be your goal? You need to choose a video option that will help to describe the information that you are providing.

2. Know the Platform Where the Video Is to Be Published

Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a short video is best suited on the Instagram platform. However, it is not on YouTube. You need to know that people come to YouTube if they want to get more information, but on Instagram, you will not be able to get the desired results. Longer videos are always best suited on YouTube and Facebook platforms. 

On the contrary, corporate videos will be best suited to your website. There is a huge audience on social media platforms that will view the post videos and add value as well. 

Aspect ratio is another technical factor that you should bear in mind. The videos which are played on Facebook and Youtube are in the ratio of 16:9. On the other hand, the 1:1 aspect ratio works well on Instagram. 

3. What Is Your End Goal?

What do you want your audience to take after they have entirely viewed your videos? If you want your audience to purchase your product via a link on Facebook and YouTube, you have the chance to redirect it. However, the same rule does not apply to Instagram. All these platforms are a great way to engage and help to build connections with the audience. 

4. Storyboard

Once you have chosen the ideal video format, you can start turning your content into a script. Having a well-composed script helps you to shoot and edit the video. 

InVideo is an online video maker that helps to mold your script into a story. There are many ways through which you can turn your script. Your script will be used to create a scene. 

5. Putting Scenes Together

With the help of a structure, you can start making each scene with the help of a storyboard. You may shoot the scene with stock footage, and this is where you can edit your video and meet the gaps. 

You will find many reliable sources such as Shutterstock and iStock to choose stock footage and images. Besides, you can upload your footage and screen recordings. 

6. Adding Text 

After including the visuals, you need to consider adding text to focus on the important elements in the video. If you want to make the video more eye-catching, you can also make use of different icons and graphics. 

If you can, add a voice-over for making an instructional video. For a smooth visual experience, you can record a voice-over and compare it to the video timeline.  

Many online video makers have predetermined graphics that can help to edit the text. Apart from that, it also has more symbols and icons, which helps to include a sense of creativity in your video. You don’t have to pay a single penny since it comes with its own animation. 

7. Adding Music

When your timeline video is almost finished, the last thing that you need to include is good music. Good music helps to retain the space of the video. To make the video appealing, you need to choose good quality music or a soft track.

When you are making good video content, elements like excellent sound effects and video content matter. You may also not choose a well-defined soundtrack if you have someone speaking in the video. 

If you are making your video in InVideo, you need to select from a wide range of music which helps to set you apart from each other. If you have a predetermined track in your mind, you can directly post it to the platform and add it to your track.

When you are happy with your video content, you can modify it in a suitable format and can share it to a specific platform. It is always advisable to work with a team; InVideo helps users spread the link of the video content toy get a response from their fellow friends. This saves you from downloading multiple files and exports. 

Equipment Needed for Creating the Video 

1. Screen Recording Tool

If you intend to create real videos or if you like to include screen recordings, no doubt you will be able to know the preference of the audience better. Video recording tool like Loom is best suited for video recording. This video recording tool can be compared with windows, chrome, iOS, and Mac. 

2. Webcam 

Webcam is an important element if you want to record your videos. This opens a window for the user to see at the working place and assist through the video-making process. The computer webcam may not offer the desired result, so it is suggested to invest in an external webcam. You should always use premium quality equipment for recording standard videos.

3. Microphone 

You’ll need to have a microphone for instructional, explainer, or tutorial videos. The inbuilt system that is equipped to deliver a crystal sound, The sound produced by the microphone will be free from any irritating and buzzing sound. 

You can opt between a shotgun mic, USB microphone, podcast mic that help to provide the right sound for your video.

Bottom Line 

From this above article, you may have got all the answers to the questions. You may have got all the information for making a video from an online movie maker. 

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