How To Become A Basketball Coach? A step by Step Guide

Do you want to make your career and love playing basketball wondering how to become a basketball coach? Here we are to tell you everything about becoming a coach of the game you love. A coach is the one that teaches and helps players to play the game as well as work as a team. A coach is responsible for the game practice, activities of players and analyzes the team as well as the players individually. A coach is also the one who not only guides the team but also motivates them to succeed in How To Become A Basketball Coach?

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How To Become A Basketball Coach Steps

Below are the 5 steps to become a basketball coach.

  1. You must earn a Bachelor’s Degree
  2. You should Get Coaching Experience
  3. You should work as an Assistant
  4. You must obtain a Certificate
  5. Advance in the field

Understanding Steps To Become A Basketball Coach

Let us understand how to become a basketball coach.

  1. You Must Earn A Bachelor’s Degree

Here you can pursue exams in exercise and physical education. Also, some schools have basketball coach degree courses that are specialized in coach training. These courses are programmed to teach you how to work with sportsmen, athletes, and how to develop game plans. They also teach you to plan and implement physical conditions as well as skills some skill development education. The courses include training that will help you prevent injury.

We would suggest you play basketball as much as you can. Playing on the field will give more and more knowledge about the game and also you can communicate better with other players around. Playing in a team can be a plus point to help you get a job later.

  1. You should Get Coaching Experience

You need to have some coaching experience so that you can be hired as an assistant. And this can be also when you are in school by working with basketball teams. If you work as a team manager for your college team this will help you become a college basketball coach. Another good option is to become an assistant to a local high school basketball team. This will help you in becoming a good high school basketball coach.

We suggest you in addition to this you can watch the recordings of the game. These tapes help the head basketball coach and assistant coach to understand the strategies of the team players and the team. In this process when you watch games of different levels it will help you to understand and learn many offenses and defenses that can be highly beneficial for you.

  1. You Should Work As An Assistant

Commonly everyone starts their basketball coach career by working as an assistant basketball coach. Here you need to work individually with players before and after a game practice to help them improve their basketball playing skills.

  1. You Must Obtain A Certificate

Commonly most of the states require coaches from public junior and high schools to earn a certificate. You acquire a certificate you need to complete your courses in coaching, CPR, and first aid. You need to pass all examinations. The certificates are also mandatory for coaches that are non-faculty members of a school.

  1. Advance In The Field

As soon as you gain a certificate you can work as a head coach in public junior high schools and high schools. Most of these schools hire coaches part-time and do not offer full-time positions. If you are interested in being a full-time coach then you must consider being a coach at college or become a professional basketball coach. But remember that the coaches hired in colleges are coaches that have years of experience and also should have a track record of winning teams.

Requirements Of A Basketball Coach

Below are the important things that a basketball coach resume must have

  • Degree – Bachelor’s Degree
  • Degree Field – Exercise Science/ Physical Education/ Physiology/ Sports Medicine or any other
  • Experience requires – You must be a basketball team player or assistant coach
  • Skills Required – Communication, Leadership skills, should be able to make quick decisions, and should have a good knowledge of basketball games and rules.

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How To Become A Coach?

  1.     Get training for being a coach
  2.     Join ICF
  3.     You must get Credential

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How Much Do NBA Assistant Coaches Make A Year?

Mostly NBA Assistant coaches earn $100,000 to $1,000,000 per year. It depends on coaching experience and other considerations.

How Much Does A Freshman Basketball Coach Make?

As per the, it says $800 to $ 3,000 per year a basketball coach can earn.

What Degree Is Best For Coaching?

What type of coaching degree should you get? The most common degree that falls under this category will either be a bachelor’s in sport management or a bachelor’s in sports and recreation management. This degree prepares graduates to coach or manage athletics at the community, collegiate, or professional level.

How Many Hours Do Basketball Coaches Work?

Full-time coaches may work more than 40 hours a week for several months during the sports season. Work schedules for coaches and scouts vary and may involve irregular hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. They may need to travel frequently.

Can You Be A College Basketball Coach Without A Degree?

In terms of higher education levels, we found that 8.5% of college basketball coaches have master’s degrees. Even though most college basketball coaches have a college degree, it’s possible to become one with only a high school degree or GED.

How Do I Become A Coach With No Experience?

Just like any other line of work, you will need to apply for an open position. Those who lack experience may be asked to coach a certain position group or be an assistant to other coaches on the team. In some cases, a position may be created for you if you interview well and could help a team win games or recruit.

How Many Hours A Week Do Basketball Coaches Work?

Typical Work Schedule

Coaches at the college or professional level work full-time, and often work well over 40 hours a week. This is especially true during the basketball season.

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 Being a basketball coach is a job of great responsibility. A coach is the strength of a basketball team. He is responsible for all strategies, strengths, gameplay, unity, and wellness of the team. To become a coach you must have complete knowledge of the game and being a part of a winning team can be a bonus point for you in your resume. The best tip we would give you is to play basketball as much as you can and watch games and assist coaches to gain experience. The first step to becoming a successful coach is knowing the answer and following all criteria of how to become a basketball coach.


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