How Instagram May Help Churches Boost Attendance Rate

When it comes to church size, numerous leaders find themselves somewhere between two ends of the scale. Some believe what actually matters is having truly dedicated disciples. On the opposite end of the spectrum are those who think that they ought to connect with as many populations as possible.

The fact of the matter is, of course, they are somewhere in between the said two notions. The number of weekly attendees definitely serves as a sign of church wellness and the lively atmosphere of the church community, but it isn’t always what happens. There are wholesome churches out there no matter their size.

Boosting Churches’ Attendance Rate with Instagram

People stop coming to church for a lot of reasons. Some feel traumatized by horrible church officials. Others basically don’t have faith in them or any devotion to Godly figures of any kind. Yet other individuals may want to go to the church but are worried about the possibility that they would not be accepted.

If you come across this page, chances are you are curious about practical church expansion ideas to help you enhance the attendance rate at your institution. So, here is a simple guide to using Instagram to reach a wider audience in the region without focusing too much on figures and numbers!

1. Make A Remarkable First Impression

You should think about Instagram as the digital entrance to your religious institution, not just for community members but for anyone looking for a religious dwelling. When today’s people move to a new place and hunt for a church, they normally turn to social media to get an idea of the options out there.

That being said, your Instagram page often serves as their initial glimpse into your place of worship. In fact, it can be an essential consideration for people in deciding whether to visit or not. So, it is time to question what kind of impression you make with your posts because they are needed to make your church look welcoming and interesting.

2. Reinforce Your Church Culture

Instagram’s reach is nothing less than stunning. It is, essentially, the place where everyone in your circle checks in regularly. For this reason, as church leaders, we have the chance to turn the situation around by offering valuable and life-altering content on this platform, using media forms like church posters and HD pictures.

Instagram is really a great platform for introducing your church’s distinctive image and fundamental ideals into people’s lives throughout daily interactions. You can start, for example, by bolstering your community’s core beliefs and values, all while offering pictures behind the curtain to help folks connect with your church on a more intimate level.

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3. Post Educational Content

Learning content reigns dominant on Instagram because it acts as a platform where people dive in to pick up new skills and gain knowledge in areas that spark their curiosity. Essentially, they look not only for ways to connect with their peers but also to develop valuable skills that can be useful for future reference.

So, as a church, why don’t you try posting educational content that can benefit people in your area? For instance, you may develop weekly message summary videos that document the main points of your lessons, making it easier for your audience to come back and reflect on the pearls of knowledge you’ve shared.

4. Tell Transformational Stories

A lot of church Instagram accounts out there are brimming with daily and weekly announcements instead of narratives from church members. This, without a doubt, is a big mistake! We need to post more stories on our social media page. And, they can’t be just any story, because we need them to be transformational ones!

Instead of very simple announcements, think about recounting the inspiring path of a church member who has gone through a substantial transformation through the events happening in your church. Whatever you are doing, whether it’s a community service or a seminar, find a fresh perspective and try to tell a compelling story about it.

The Takeaway

In a period of dropping church attendance, how can you expand your church and move forward with your mission? It makes sense for church leaders to care about attendance rate because it serves as one of the ways they can gauge how effectively their institution is teaching, or, at least, being accommodating toward the community around it.

Instagram is an outlet where you can actually serve those around you while making an actual difference. It is far more than simply gathering sympathizers and keeping people updated on what is taking place. And, since we’ve evolved into such a visual society, this platform is a fantastic avenue for communicating your church’s narrative that goes further than conventionally written posts.