Hazardous Weather: Tree Fall And Its Aftermath

Hazardous weather can transform harmless trees into potential threats. High winds during storms can topple weak or dead trees, leading to extensive property damage. Numerous trees fall on homes, cars, buildings, power lines, and more each year. When this happens, homeowners often find themselves in a state of panic, grappling with a barrage of questions.

Understanding Insurance Coverage

One of the first thoughts that cross people’s minds when a tree falls on their property is about insurance coverage. They wonder about the extent of their range, whether it will cover the damage caused by their tree or if it’s from a neighbor’s yard.

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Responsibility for Damages

Another concern is determining who is responsible for the damage. If your tree falls into your neighbor’s yard, you may worry about liability for the damage. Similarly, if your property has been damaged, you might wonder whether your insurance will cover the repairs.

Immediate Response to Tree Damage

In the immediate aftermath of a tree fall, homeowners need to know if a local tree service can swiftly remove the fallen tree, especially if it has landed on their house. The time it will take to repair the damage, particularly roof damage, is another pressing question.

Insurance Company’s Role

Most often, the insurance company pays for emergency tree removal when a tree falls on a structure such as a house, shed, fence, or car. Homeowners should contact their insurance company, which typically has a list of preferred local tree companies they can recommend.

Role of General Contractors

Sometimes, when a tree falls on a house, the insurance company will provide the homeowner with a general contractor. This contractor handles all aspects of repair, including hiring a tree service. Any Austin resident needing expert land clearing services should contact PRV Tree Service because of our company’s dedication to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Homeowner Associations and Tree Falls

 The association representative might handle the situation if your home is part of a Homeowner Association (HOA). However, often, the responsibility falls on the homeowner. The tree company that responds the fastest and can perform the job quickest gets the task.

Special Requirements for Tree Removal

Certain situations require specialized equipment for removal. In these cases, tree companies equipped with a crane and a fully staffed crane operator are the best choice.

Understanding Emergency Tree Removal and Responsibility

The situation becomes an immediate emergency when a tree falls onto a house. Tree removal services will respond promptly, often within hours of the incident, unless it occurs in adverse weather conditions or at night.

In such cases, temporary measures like placing a tarp on the home or blocking off the damaged area may be implemented until daylight. The emergency tree removal job is completed when it’s safe, usually at sunrise.

Professional tree removal companies are equipped to handle various emergency scenarios and are readily available for customers. Once the fallen tree is removed from a house, a separate contractor typically fixes and seals the hole in the roof.

Who’s Responsible When a Neighbor’s Tree Falls on Your Property?

This can be a tricky situation as maintaining good neighborly relations is important. Generally, the responsibility for cleanup falls on the person whose property the tree has landed on, regardless of where the tree originally stood.

However, there is one exception. If your neighbor was negligent, refusing to remove a hazardous tree from their property after being advised to do so, they could potentially bear the responsibility if it falls.

The Importance of Hiring Professionals

Emergency tree work is complex and requires specific expertise and equipment. The tree service industry is considered one of the most dangerous globally, with significant injuries and even fatalities occurring regularly. Therefore, hiring a licensed, fully insured professional tree service is imperative. Opt for a reputable, experienced, well-equipped company that can safely execute the task.