Great ways to monitor work from home employees

Nowadays, thanks to technology. Work from home culture is increasing and becoming very common in the entire world. Do you know? Around 83% of employees who prefer work from home reacted positively to work from home. They say that working from home enhances their productivity. On the other hand, the covid-19 pandemic has also contributed largely organizations to diverting their minds towards remote working.

However, besides the positive outcomes of working from home, it is often difficult to track the productivity of employees when they are working from home. Since you cannot see them and physically observe their performance, it becomes difficult to manage them and track their progress while they are working from home. Therefore, if you are wondering how to monitor work from home employees, we give you some interesting tips which will help you to manage remote employees.

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Track employee attendance

When you are managing work from home employees, you can track their attendance and check out how long they are taking breaks and how much time they all are spending doing office work. Well, if you think it’s difficult to track their attendance, you can do it by contacting Workpuls which is an exciting tool that helps you measure your employee’s progress. Moreover, it also offers you real-time monitoring as you can check what your current employees are doing during work hours. 

Keep track of projects

When your employees are working from home, many issues might arise in the given time. Such as many of your employees might live in a different time zone which prevents you to communicate with them during your work hours. Furthermore, some employees might face difficulty in communication due to poor internet connectivity at any time. Moreover, some employees might not have access to tools and gadgets which are important in remote working. Therefore, Workpuls offers you project management tools that help you to break down projects into smaller tasks so that your team can see how much work is left and see what they can do next. Furthermore, if you are concerned that your team members are not spending much time on each project, you can track their performance and estimate the strategies through which you can improve employee motivation and enhance productivity that can increase your profits. 

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What benefits does Workpuls provide you?

Workpuls makes sure that your data is 100% protected. While it offers you employee data, it also protects employee privacy rights. Therefore, it only tracks employee activities when they are working for you during office hours. Furthermore, employees can benefit from this fascinating tool as it allows them to log in to the account and check out their payroll or productivity data sheet so that they can gain insights into their progress. 

Therefore, workpuls is an all-in-one application that manages your work-related activities and makes your product better. The major advantage you can get by working with this tool is that you can take employee feedback and prepare strategies to motivate them to perform better. That’s why, if you are struggling to manage a large team of remote workers, now is your chance to manage them efficiently!