Get sustainable clothing with merino wool: all the information

Are you looking for clothing that feels comfortable against the skin, is durable and also environmentally friendly? Then merino wool is the perfect choice for you. Merino wool is a type of wool derived from merino sheep and is often used for the production of clothing and accessories. In this blog, we will discover why merino wool is such a unique and popular choice for comfortable and durable clothing. We will gain insight into the properties of merino wool, its history and why it is such an excellent choice for those looking for natural, comfortable and durable clothing.

What is merino wool?

Merino wool is a type of wool that comes from merino sheep. These unique sheep are of a species originally from Spain, but now found all over the world. Merino wool is known for its soft texture, strength and durability. In addition, it is breathable and regulates your body’s temperature, making it comfortable and pleasant to the touch against the skin.

Where does merino wool come from?

A little more history? Merino sheep were brought to Spain centuries ago by the Arabs and further improved there. This gave merino sheep the qualities we know today as the best wool in the world. Merino sheep are now kept all over the world and merino wool is produced in many different countries. Some excotic examples include New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and South America.

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Clothing made of merino wool

Currently many people recognize the numerous benefits of the quality wool. Therefore, the most diverse products are made from it. Among them are many different types of clothing that can be made from merino wool, such as:

  • Sweaters and vests: Merino wool is perfect for making comfortable sweaters and cardigans suitable for any season.
  • Basic clothing: Merino wool is often used to make basic clothing such as T-shirts, underwear and socks (Dutch: merinowol sokken) because it is breathable and comfortable against the skin.
  • Thermal clothing: Merino wool is an excellent choice for thermal clothing because it regulates your body’s temperature and provides warmth and comfort during the colder months. Like a pullover heren: this is perfect in the winter. 
  • Sportswear: Merino wool is a popular choice for sportswear because it is breathable and regulates the body’s temperature, making it comfortable to wear while exercising.
  • Accessories: Merino wool is also used to make accessories, such as head coverings, scarves and gloves.

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The fine benefits make merino wool a fabric often chosen by extreme athletes. Mountain climbers, slackliners; you name it, or they like to don merino wool clothing. But the fabric also looks good casually. At a formal appointment, a merino wool sweater over a shirt always looks chic. So it is definitely worth taking a look at merino wool once you go shopping.