Everything About Gravity Water Purifier

The Gravity based water purifier is a traditional water purifier that is a proper purification method with excellent benefits and facilities, but it is not well-recognized or accepted. Mainly because there are so many competitors are available in the market who are in the corresponding line of business that strives to one-up the other through functionalities and client satisfaction. Nevertheless, the Gravity Water purifier is not underrated due to the highly beneficial features it offers to its consumers.

We live in an era where anything can be made possible. The modernization and expansion of technologies and devices have skyrocketed during the years. This left us wondering how some things come together and results in something bigger than we cannot easily understand and leave us feeling shocked. There is one of the models that can surprise us with its importance is the Gravity Water Filter.

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What Is A Gravity Water Purifier?

Gravity Water Filter is a type of water purifier that purifies polluted water with the help of gravity. This filter is made of two chambers, the upper chamber and the lower chamber. First, you pour the contaminated water into the upper chamber, and the lower chamber will have a finish line where your contaminated water is now transformed into filtered water. The Gravity Water Filter is ideal due to its comfort, and it does no longer require plumbing or electricity to work.

Overview of Gravity Water Purifier

Gravity water filters are specific just like they sound, and they work amazingly. These filters function by using the power of gravity to force the water down while it cleans. And water is fed into it from the top side in the upper chamber. This method can work with various filter arrangements, e.g., distilled water, reverse osmosis, or charcoal filtered water can run using a gravity filter method and UF water purifier.

If you are unlucky to be in a room with inadequate tap water, face an emergency without water, or live in a space with a problematic water supply. In that situation, a gravity filter can help you for the best. Nevertheless, there is one amazing thing regarding gravity water purifiers is that this water filter immediately works with the use of gravity, which means you don’t need electricity.

What Is a Gravity Water Filter?

 A Gravity Water Filter is a device that allows you to filter polluted or contaminated water with the help of gravity.

The Gravity Water Filter is the perfect choice for everyone due to its convenience, and it does no longer needs plumbing or electricity to function. The weight of the water present in the chamber enables it to pass over and through the filters. That purified water is collected in a tank below the filtration system.

Just like its name, the gravity water purifier utilizes the natural force of gravity to enable water to pass over the filters. Unfortunately, many modern filtration systems are powered and do not use this method, and they require electricity to function.

How Does It Work? 

The uppermost chamber of this water filter includes an element that takes proper consideration of the filtering method of your contaminated water. That part is made of tiny pores that block contaminants and other particles, which are not required when water passes through it. Instead, it leaves only the water to pass within that microporous element going to the below chamber. With the help of this method, you can get your filtered water, which is available and made safe for consumption.

But, because of the growing number of manufacturers, some might have several contained components in their chambers to filter water. Usually, the Gravity Water Filter designed is to have two chamber collections and a medium in between both the chambers. This mediator serves as the filtering device by allowing the polluted water to pass while transmitting all the contaminants and pollutants behind because the water shifts to the lower chamber.

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When Was The Gravity Water Filtered Discovered?

Shockingly, the Gravity Water purifier can be pursued back to the year 1800 in London, England. With fabulous craftsman, John Doulton, Royal Doulton ceramics were previously ahead of producing water filters because of the extreme increase in water-borne infections prevalent during that year.

Dirty and contaminated water was one of the significant difficulties faced in London during that time. Due to this reason, Doulton, now with the assistance of Martha Jones and John Watts, produced water filter containers packed with powder carbon.

When Queen Victoria arrived at the chair, her highness recognized Doulton and his organization by building their company brand as an innovative producer of industrial goods. At that time, Queen Victoria asked Doulton to produce water purifiers for the Royal household so that they could also get fresh and pure water every time they needed it in the year 1835. It was then through that time they produced gravity-fed stoneware systems crafted in carefully designed ceramics.

How did it start?

Queen Victoria demanded John Doulton produce a water purifier with his ceramic-making abilities. As a result, he built the first gravity water filter stoneware, Doulton water filters, using different earth and clay minerals.