Do Under-Confident Drivers Make The Road More Dangerous?

When people think about the dangerous elements on the road, things usually come to mind are aggressive, speeding, and drunk drivers. However, there is another danger people forget about, that is, underconfident and timid drivers. People who are not experienced seem to be scared while driving and tend to make more mistakes. 

There is no room for mistakes on the road. One wrong move and you will find yourself on the hospital bed with medical bills piling up. If you have already been injured and need someone to help you with your claim, a personal injury attorney queens can help you.

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Which people are likely to be more scared of driving?

It goes without saying that a confident driver is one who has been driving for years. Therefore, it is usually people who have just started driving who tend to make mistakes because of being too nervous. Some of the types of timid drivers include: 

  • Elderly drivers: Even though old people may have driven for years when they were young, they still get nervous sitting behind the wheel. This is because when you grow old, your body loses the capability to handle things as well as it did in the younger years. Elders have way too many physical issues, such as visibility issues, hearing problems, and lack of reflex. 
  • Newly licensed drivers: Newly licensed drivers have little to no experience driving on the road, especially in heavy traffic. Due to a lack of experience, they may feel scared to make turns, change lanes, and do other complex road tasks. 
  • Impaired drivers: Impaired drivers, for obvious reasons, are more likely to cause an accident on the road. Being high or drunk reduces their capability to handle a vehicle and decreases reaction time. 

Are nervous drivers more dangerous than aggressive drivers?

A driver may be called dangerous if they do not care about their own or other people’s safety on the road. Therefore, both nervous and aggressive drivers can be dangerous in their own ways. 

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When a driver is nervous on the road, they only care about not getting hit by another vehicle. Therefore, they drive in a way to avoid colliding with other cars. To do this, they may drive way lower than the speed limit. As is expected, a driver may become angry because of such behavior trying to overtake a slow car, which could lead to a collision. 

What to do if you encounter a timid driver?

  • Remain calm.
  • Get away from the car quickly. 
  • Slowly overtake the vehicle instead of rushing because you do not want to make the driver any more nervous than they already are.
  • Maintain proper following distance.