Different types of Services Provided At A Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are great for freelancers, independent professionals, small and big enterprises who require a workspace to set up their office. Emerging as a fast-growing concept, coworking spaces come with a wide range of beneficial services. 

We have compiled a list of our most beneficial services.

Reception Services

Having a designated area to check-in and a dedicated receptionist who can handle basic day-to-day operations like greeting your clients and directing them to your workspace is one of the important services that a coworking space in Hyderabad provides.  The receptionist also assists members in reserving a conference room, distributing mail, and other basic needs. 

Private Cabin or Desk

At iKeva you can choose to rent out your own private cabin space, a private work desk, or a co-working desk as per your requirements. You save a lot of capital by renting out and paying for the space you use rather than paying for an entire office space. You save up on the overheads like electricity, wifi, housekeeping staff, that increase by renting out a furnished office space.

Conference Room

Every individual or company needs a conference room to hold their meetings with potential new clients, or for brainstorming sessions with its employees. Coworking space offers you a dedicated conference room. Just inform the receptionist and book the conference room when you need one. Our conference rooms are equipped with a high-quality projector and HD quality projection screen.

Printer & Scanner

Coworking space is a business center in itself. You have an important contract to be signed by your client and last-minute additions are to be printed? We’ve got you covered. iKeva offers all its clients a dedicated business center space where you can print, scan or xerox all your important contracts and documents at any given time. 

High-Speed Internet

The Internet is the backbone of every individual and organization. The most important service in any workspace is a high-speed stable internet connection. Want to use video conferencing software to discuss a topic with your colleagues? No problem. We assure you of 24 hours of stable high-speed internet connectivity at our plug and play office space. 


Going for a quick lunch break and need to store your laptop or confidential documents? No problem. Avail our locker services and store what you need. Rent out a locker space for a few hours, days, or weeks. 


Every Indian fancies a chai or coffee while putting in long hours at work. Order hot brew from our cafeteria or take a break and make one yourself. A little chit-chat with our barista or another coworker at the cafeteria is sure to cheer you up for the day. Healthy conversations are known to boost your morale. 

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Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces offer a wide range of networking opportunities. At a coworking space, you will meet professionals from different fields. Use this opportunity to meet new people and brainstorm your ideas or learn something new. These connections may even lead to fruitful business collaborations in the future. 


Sometimes we need a break from the monotonous work life. With the pandemic putting us under many restrictions, home to office, office to home is pretty much our schedule these days. Use our in-house library to take some time off work and read your favorite novels. 

24×7 Access

The best part about any coworking space is the 24×7 access it provides. There are no fixed office hours. Morning, evening, or night, Sunday or Monday, work as you please. Our facility is open 24 hours which gives your office hours great flexibility. 

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Event Space

Study shows that having at least one social event a month helps in boosting employee morale and team building. Our coworking space offers you a dedicated space to organize your team-building activities. 

Have any queries about the additional services we offer? Drop in an e-mail and we’d be happy to help. Book your very own office space at iKeva now. 


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