Can a Private Investigator Track Text Messages?

You may suspect that something smells fishy with your significant other, and you might wonder whether private investigators can check their messages. The answer to this is no, and this is the case 99% of the time.

There should be a warrant that a court in your area serves before one can read your private text messages or listen to a phone call. However, this does not mean that this is the end of the story. With the help of a Private Investigator in Concord CA, you’ll be able to obtain other types of evidence without needing to rely on illegal means. The overall process of getting the contents of a text is legal if the court issues a subpoena. However, this is only possible with a few documented cases that may involve abducted or runaway children.

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Saving Money in the Process 

If you suspect that there’s an affair that’s going on, you may want to save your money by not trying to obtain any phone records at all. Instead, you need to gather plenty of evidence that is more accessible. So, why can’t you read these messages? There are a few reasons for this:

-First, the information is protected by the federal or state statute. However, the investigators may be able to give you information about the location where the texts were sent, and this is often helpful during discovery motions, future subpoena requests, or leverage in negotiations. This is common in insurance or employment fraud investigations.

-The second reason is that this information is simply not available or does not exist in the first place. This is not compiled in a large format or single database as others might have thought in the past. It’s still possible to get them, but it’s not a simple and easy process.

When you’re working on the evidence, some red flags may include odd phone behaviors, decreased intimacy, and other perfume smells on your significant others’ clothes. In most cases, you may want to get other comparable evidence through other means. 

Spying on Cell Phones

A PI is not allowed to access any records without the individual’s consent or a warrant granted by a judge. However, some may use the latest technology, such as mirrors, and use their mobile phones and tablets to take photos and write down notes to build a case. See more about phone tracking on this site here

What About Computers?

In some situations, forensic computer examiners and private digital investigators may go through many videos, photos, and documents to uncover information. Most of the spouses may want to check on the searches that were conducted on an individual’s browsers, and this is also the case with employers who want to catch their employees doing illegal activities. Browsing histories may be a tell-tale sign, and some experts may uncover information even if they have been hidden or deleted.

The process may involve checking residual data on a computer’s operating system, tracing artifacts on Windows, and getting info about the device’s location. Some may start running about string searches for the emails in an oblivious way. Analyzing internet usage, common sites, and general use of the system may also provide a wealth of information that investigators can use.

Another thing that many people do is to unearth deleted photos or employ effective recovery strategies. This will show the files stored in a specific place, why it was stored, and if someone has recently deleted them. The recovery may search the hard drive’s allocated space, go through the slack spaces, and discover other locations that are not visible to many users. Back-up storage, zip drives, and external drives may also be searched as long as there’s a warrant.

Know that various states will have different laws about analyzing computer documents, phone calls, texts, social media posts, photos, tweets, and chats. This is the case of cheating spouses, negligent parents, or a business associate who is trying to steal from the company. Make sure to check with your attorney before commencing these activities and hiring a PI for your case. See more about the work of private investigators in this url:

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About Reviewing Phone Records

One of the most popular methods private investigators use is tracking text messages. They can use a variety of ways to track texts, including installing a software program on the target’s phone that will monitor all incoming and outgoing texts or utilizing screen mirroring as long as they have obtained a warrant from a local court. 

Even if a person deletes his calendar, memos, text messages, photos, videos, and call logs, there’s still a chance that these pieces of information can be recovered. They would check the level of detail of someone trying to contact another person, the date of the calls, and the time the texts were sent.

Analyzing the Data

Suppose the records are available such as the spouse owning the company or phone. In that case, there can be a subpoena being released to the parties so that the private investigators can analyze these interactions. They will have to check about repeatedly dialing a number, how long a phone call lasted, and if they are only occurring at certain nights or times. This will indicate that a spouse is cheating during the weekends, and this is where they can start their investigations.

Website Review

Most digital private investigators are now utilizing websites to know if a person has left some clues on a specific platform. It can be their social media accounts, responses to group discussions on forums, comments on search engines, and many more. Some who are handling a cheating case might look through escort sites, dating platforms, and personal ads and build a case against an individual.


The photos can be conducted as part of the investigation, and these are usually available online. Reverse search of the images can be handy, and most can obtain information within minutes of doing this.

A private investigator can’t track text messages as long as they don’t have a subpoena from the court. However, a wealth of information is available, such as the electronic data file format and coding that can be used for the case. These include the time stamps, sender and receiver names, and other info that can assist an investigator in tracking down evidence.

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Can A Private Investigator Get Phone Records And Text Messages?

Here is the bottom line: Unless you are the owner of the cell phone in question or have specific permission or a court order to obtain the records, private investigators (or anyone else) cannot get cell phone records for you (unless you want to break the law, of course).

Can Private Investigators Find Deleted Messages?

Even if someone deletes text messages, memos, calendar updates and call records, a private investigator may be able to recover this information. This level of detail can inform someone of who the person has